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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

There's a war going on. Let's recap Sorority Life!

So they interrupt some of the "Last Time..." with stupid war stuff. God! How annoying! Anyway, Tim talks about causing trouble, and we see the brothers putting up the Post-Its. Nicole says she wants to get to the bottom of it. Like a big man-faced Columbo, that one. Theme. Credits.

Buffalo. Buffalo. MamaStacey arrives at the pledge house to announce each "Little Sister"'s (pledge) "Big Sister" (sister). Mackenzie has the mean Nikki. She looks sad, but pretends to be happy. Karissa has Melissa Ethridge (Amy). Maggie has Tiffany Clark (who?). Julia has Loren. Nicole has Bridgette. Brooke has Laura. She says something about Laura that I can't understand, which is fine because I have no idea who she is. (Ironic that MamaStacey doesn't get to be a "Big," isn't it?) We learn that each of the Bigs doesn't know who her Little is, so the Littles have to surprise the Bigs with gifts. MamaStacey says something about its being the one time they get to fuck with their sisters, and then she says "shuffle" and I have no idea what she says. I think she's saying that, for once, they won't get in trouble for fucking with the sisters. Or she's hungry for a pizza. The girls all look terribly bored.

Sigma Chi Omega is the other House of Sergio. Tim calls Nicole on the phone. I hate Tim already; he just has a douchebag look about his face. Nicole doesn't remember him, but then he explains that they met the first night of pledging. We see them meet. Tim is wearing a tie and masturbating a Bud Light as he dances. Nicole camera-mans that she and Tim chatted and had a stunning conversation -- "Are you a pledge? Are you a pledge?" -- and exchanged numbers. Tim asks if Nicole wants to get dinner. "That's fine," Nicole says, by way of graciously accepting. Brooke sits nearby looking at computer porn, and then when Nicole hangs up, she jumps up and down going, "A date! A date! What are we going to wear?" I don't think you're invited, Brooke. And as annoying as the girly display is, I think it shows that Brooke is not a total cunt, in that she's showing the correct amount of enthusiasm over her friend's date prospect.

Date. Time is dressed up in a t-shirt. (Dude, I just wrote "Time" instead of "Tim." Nicole is dating Tim. Well, actually, more accurately, Nicole is "battling" time. And losing.) Nicole and Tim go into a restaurant. Poor Nicole is all made up. They eat, Nicole picking at a salad as if it'll bite her. They have stunning conversation again, this time about having to DUI the sisters and brothers around. Tim camera-lies, telling us that Nicole is "a great person to talk to." Tim finds it kind of funny that Nicole has no idea the brothers did the Post-Its. The sisters think the pledges did it, and the pledges think the sisters did it. "Somebody had fun," Tim tells Nicole in reference to the Post-Its. Yes. Someone had tons of fun. It just wasn't the viewers. Nicole tells us that Tim is very good looking and attentive. Nicole and Tim walk down the street and one of those asshole rose guys asks if he wants a rose. You're totally fucked when that happens if you're on a date. Fucking hate that. Tim knows it and he stops, after walking past, and asks how much, and then buys a rose. Nicole is very smiley. She tells us it was very romantic. (Girls. I hate to break it to you, but if a guy buys you a rose from a street dude who confronts him, it ain't romantic. It's just him not wanting to looking like a total dick.) Nicole then camera-talks about how "every girl" is hoping for a kiss at the end of a date. But she doesn't get one! Hee. It's sort of a half-kiss. She camera-fibs that she's "happy" she didn't get kissed -- that it keeps them in suspense for the next time.

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