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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

They drive back to the SCO house. Sigh. They run around signing windows and shit. They keep saying they're writing that they "love" SCO, I guess because that doesn't make it just pure shitty mean graffiti, but they seem to be just writing "DZO." Girls are in the house, climbing through a window to write. Finally, one of the pledge boys comes downstairs and three of the girls squeal and run out the window and into the car. I guess MamaStacey (because all the real sisters hate her and won't hang with her) came along on the trip, and stole some pledge t-shirts from the boys' house. Uh, okay. The girls drive away squealing.

Nicole, driving away, gets a call from Tim, who says that he heard she caused some trouble at their house. She immediately says she just drove the car. Tim thinks she's guilty. Tim will call her back after doing some more DUI-ing of a brother.

Meanwhile...they're actually at the DZO pledge house! Wow! What jolly trickery! The doors are locked. The girls get back to their house to see Tim and Steve trying to break in. Brittany lamely chases them. Now they get back into the car and take off after them. "Sarah, watch the house!" the girls yell as they drive away. Poor Sarah. Not fast enough to make it back into the car.

However, Sarah quickly locks the front door, as one of the pledge boys tries to break in and rape her! She runs to the back door and locks it. Whew. Now Nicole is back, wondering where the boys are. Did the boys drive away or not? I'm very confused. But I also very much don't care, so it's sort of creating some inner turmoil. "They didn't get in!" says Sarah, proud of her locking abilities. Nicole finds some brothers in their vehicle outside, so she writes on their window as they sit by. Now some other surly-ass brother arrives and says, "You touch my fucking car?" He gets into his graffiti-ed car, pissed, and drives away. Nicole tells us that the brothers were mad. Thanks. We see that.

Now the girls are all back at the house. MamaStacey -- gasping for breath at all the exertion -- says, "This is coming back on you guys." What a bitch. They decide that the boys are all pissed and are going to get them back tomorrow. The girls solemnly realize that they stole shirts with letters on them, not just pledge shirts, which is against some bullshit code of ethics or something fucking stupid. Wait, I thought MamaStacey stole the shirts? They look all bummed. They can steal "anything they want" from the pledges, but not from the brothers. Ah. That makes total sense.

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