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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Nicole calls Tim and asks if she can come return the shirts right away. (She's going to get that kiss, dammit!) She has to go apologize, too. Tim thinks she's up to something. Nicole wants to go alone to make out with Tim, but they make her take someone, so she chooses Brittany. She tells us that she didn't want more drama, but that she wants to make sure Tim isn't upset with her. There's some bullshit where the other girls are pissed that they don't get to come, and Nicole says that the girls are prone to reacting "fastly [sic]" and might fuck up the goodwill trip. Hee. Maggie gets all personally offended: "That's the thing, you do not trust us. That's a problem." Maggie camera-snots that she doesn't want Nicole to do things on her own just because she likes one of the guys. Maggie sucks so hard. Mackenzie is picked to go because she happens to be standing there at the time. Maggie busts in again and says she's going to be "very honest," and says that she feels "insulted" that Nicole doesn't think they could handle themselves if they came on this conciliatory mission.

Nicole and Mackenzie leave. Maggie starts bitching to poor Julia that Nicole was making decisions without consulting her, and that she doesn't want Nicole as her sister. Julia just looks down. Maggie's Gigantic Boobs of Hatred keep on bitching. Commercials.

Night. 3:10 AM. Tim calls Maggie, wondering where Nicole is. Tim says he's sending the police over. "That's very immature," brats Maggie. Tim says that he's joking. "Payback's a bitch," he says.

Nicole and Mackenzie arrives back. Nicole feels lucky that Tim is such a nice guy. They give back the t-shirts and the boys didn't really care that the shirts were taken and that's over.

Back at the house, the girls want to have a "strategy talk." Julia bitches that it really should be all six of them, but they know Brooke and Mackenzie aren't going to get up. Maggie, getting all serious and shit, says there is "no way" that the boys are not going to do something back, and why would Tim say "payback's a bitch"? Maggie's eyes are blazing and she says that someone has to be awake at all times and that there is "no way" she'll be able to sleep if she knew the boys could just come in. Nicole says, "They're not going to, like, friggin' rape us!" Hee. Julia weighs in: "I don't want anyone seeing me when I'm sleeping. When my shorts and my whole ass is showing." Ha. Fuck, that's funny. She really just doesn't want anyone seeing her without her ten pounds of cake makeup on. "This is retarded," says Nicole, getting right to the heart of the matter. She goes on to say that she's not going to wait for some guy to break in; she adds that if the brothers come, she'll kick their asses, but she thinks this is stupid. "You sound like Brooke," says Maggie. What a shithead.

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