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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Nicole goes upstairs, wakes up Brooke, and tells her that they want someone to be awake at all times for the next eight weeks. Brooke just kind of giggles at that. Hee. I like Brooke. Nicole says she feels safe in the house. She tells Brooke what Maggie said about how Nicole sounded like Brooke, and that gets Brooke pissed. She says she can fight with the best of them.

Brooke stands on the top railing and talks to Maggie. She says, "I don't need you saying 'You sound like Brooke.' I mean, what does Brooke sound like?" Hee. Not a very solid argument, but it is 4 in the morning. Brooke says she's not even friends with them, and they sell her down the road the first chance they get. She adds that they can go see their boyfriends or do whatever; she's not going to tell. But it's getting to the point where she wants to go running to MamaStacey just like Maggie does. Maggie is starting to flip out and flare her nostrils and pull at her own hair. Brooke camera-snots that Maggie likes to tattle. Nicole starts joining in as well, and Maggie is freaking. Karissa has gotten up now, which means they must have been really loud, for her to wake up. Finally, Brooke says that the next time someone talks about her when she's not there, she's going to flip: "You want to see me flip. Well, do it again." "Are you threatening me?" asks Maggie. Maggie asks it four times and Brooke says "Yeah" and kind of waffles a little and Karissa is just laughing her Jesus head off and Nicole butts in again to say that it wasn't a mandatory event. Maggie now lies that she was having such a good time she really just wanted Karissa and Brooke to be there too. (The thing is, she actually believes she wasn't just tattling to MamaStacey. That's how delusional she is. She's like O.J. She truly believes she didn't do it.)

So Maggie gets all dramatical and says, "I'm sorry I wanted to bond with you guys. I will never want to bond with you again. Well, fuck that. Fuck that!" Whoa. Calm down, lady. There's a lot more yelling about "what does Brooke sound like?" and Maggie just wanted to bond and Julia says that they're not going to get initiated and finally the fight ends and people walk away, everyone of them somehow truly believing she's in the right, as a crap song plays. And that's it. Wow. I'm a little disappointed that there wasn't blood and fists, but that was a pretty good brawl.

Next time: more screaming girls. The boys throw flour all over the girls' house. MamaStacey says that they're going to definitely pay for this one. The girls break into the boys' house and put shaving cream and condiments everywhere. Nicole tells us that if the sisters forbid her from seeing Tim, she might have to rethink the whole sorority thing. Oh, what a hard loss that would be for us. And, over. Bye!

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