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Pledge house. Night. "Brick-painting party." Hee. The boys show up, and Tim says that they need the t-shirt signed and they'll give back the banner, and Janel shuts the door and locks it, saying she has to call MamaStacey. Janel wants to trade but MamaStacey tells her no. Janel tells the gawking girls to go sit down and finish their project and then tells the boys to hold on a second. Meanwhile, Nicole camera-ponys that the sisters think Tim is just dating Nicole to learn secrets and that furthermore, they're more worried about their sorority than Nicole getting hurt. Which she will. Janel then tells the boys that they have to go get a letter signed by the sisters at the sister house and then come back and then they'll get their signatures and whatever whatever whatever. In the middle of this, the boys see the project going on and are like, "Hey, they're painting our bricks." Okay, that's kinda funny. Janel gets all neck-wiggling, telling them that they're still giving attitude to the sisters and that's "uncalled for." They boys bail with the apology letter. Some boy says, "This is ridiculous." Indeed, some boy. Indeed.

The boys get to the sisters' house and they read the letter, on which they write the sorority as "DXO." So then the sisters decide that the exchange has to happen at the sister's house and not the pledge house. So everyone heads over to the sisters house, and Nicole keeps yelling about how "retarded" this is. (I would just like to say here that Nicole is the one saying it's "retarded," not your humble recapper, Stee. I happen to also think it is retarded, but I'm not the one saying it. Thank you.)

Then as boys and girls are all racing over to the sisters house, big Sarah can't breathe. Wow, couldn't see that coming from a mile away. They call an ambulance. The funny thing is that Mackenzie is voice-overing about how Sarah couldn't breathe and she just kept trying to rub Sarah's head and neck and coax her down -- and she thinks that made it a lot better. Hee. The ambulance comes. And…commercials.

Back. The ambulance. It turns out that Sarah is having an asthma attack; the funny part is how, as Mackenzie is telling us this, she continues about how she's just glad she was able to help Sarah out. Saint Mackenzie. Mother Terkenzia. Florence MacKenzingale. MamaStacey camera-bigs about how the frat boys came to the hospital, but as a result of the whole thing, they weren't able to get their shirt signed. Yes -- the important stuff.

Buffalo. Buffalo. Student union. The boys still need to work something out about the t-shirt -- they need it for that night. Mackenzie says she'll check with MamaStacey; MamaStacey wants them to clean the downstairs of their house before they sign the t-shirt and before they then in turn get their girlie banner back. They write up a written contract about how they have to just clean the bottom floor of the sisters' house. Julia camera-whores about how it takes a long time because they keep putting provisions into the contract. By "they," I'm pretty sure she just means herself. She reads the house-cleaning contract as Tim watches, pissed. He jokes that they should get a notary. Julia drags that he's dealing with a business major. Oooooooh.

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