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The girls are all hanging around the pledge house recounting the triumph of the house-wrecking. Julia camera-talks, saying "definitely" three times in one sentence; she talks about how the boys are going to retaliate. The girls see the boys drive slowly past and then turn around. A drive-by! They're going to shoot the girls! Duck. So the boys are all standing around hiding, and then the girls run inside screaming and smiling as boys emerge and start egging the house and throwing flour and leaves around the porch. Julia tells us that the boys are stupid, that they can't think of anything better than to put leaves on the porch. She says, "Like, what do we care if we have leaves on our porch? They're on our porch anyway." Hee. True. The boys are done and Brittany is watching them go sadly, because none of them took her with them -- or gave her a drink.

The girls stand around squawking about what they're going to do to get them back, and blabbing about how lame the boys were. Julia then camera-porns about how they have to top the boys and what's the one thing that will gross a boy out more than anything? "Obviously…tampons." Tampons indeed. So the girls have a big, gross, giggling tampon party during which they soak tampons, pour ketchup on them, and then sprinkle tuna juice on them. It might be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Very self-hating, to top it off, but then again, they're sorority girls. Of course they're self-hating. (Don't email me! Kidding!) Brooke wrinkles up her holier-than-thou nose as she comes into the kitchen and camera-snots about how what they're doing is "sort of" immature, and it makes them look stupid, rather than the frat boys. Karissa calls down from upstairs that she's going to be sleeping, so when the girls get back could they keep it down? Hee. Very nice. She tells us that she thinks this whole thing is ridiculous; she plays no part in it, and will not. Brooke locks the door after them.

It's now 5:30 in the morning and the girls drive to the boys' hose (hee, I said "hose" by mistake) and get out of the car and throw tampons all over. Tim is up and he's yelling for the boys to wake up, that the girls are here. The tamponing is over as the girls drive away. Julia tells us that she thinks that boys play harder, but that they, the girls, have "better ideas." Yeah. No doubt. The tampon tuna-juice stuff was genius. Tim then tells us that with pranks there is a clear line, over which it just becomes "disrespectful." "No more," he says. "It's done." I think he's referring to going out with Nicole.

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