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So now, back at the house, the girls are on the front porch and smiley Nicole gets off the phone. "It's Tim," she says, smiling in a way that you can see exactly what she's going to look like at fifty: sitting on a porch, smoking. And regretting. The girls tell Nicole how much they hate Tim. Amy Melissa-Etheridges about how Nicole needs to separate herself from his shit. What a bitch. Nicole says that they already decided to keep what happens between the Two Houses of Sergio separate from their non-relationship. Courtney (Who? I know.) camera-brats about how she is sick of hearing about their relationship, and she's "disappointed" that Nicole would stick up for him with all the "incidences" that have been going on. You mean like how you fucked up their George Foreman grill? Amy starts talking more bullshit, and then Nicole says that the brothers forbade Tim from talking to any of the DZO girls; Nicole asks if they're going to forbid her from talking to Tim. "Eventually," says Courtney. Fuck that shit. Run away, Nicole. She camera-talks that she hopes they won't do that, and if they do, she might have to rethink the whole sorority thing. Well, I agree with her, but it would be better to do that for a guy who really actually likes you. Yeah, I said it.

On the next…Brooke tells us that she's not doing enough to be a good pledge, and so she's wondering what she's doing there. She sits with the other pledges and tells them, in her very smug Bonnie Hunt way, "I'm de-pledging." Wow. Karissa camera-Gods that she doesn't think she can do it without Brooke. Now the spiky-haired sister (Colleen?) and Karissa are getting into it. "Watch what you say!" yells maybe-Colleen. And that's it. See ya!

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