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Ode To Episode Nine

Cut to: Day. Outside the house. Car. Jason is leaning out of his car door, yelling at the cameraman to leave him alone and leave Maggie alone. Jesus. Maggie runs to him, saying that he needs to stop and she's never been more serious about anything in her life. Wow. Methinks the boy's a tad unbalanced. Then again, he did start going out with Maggie in the first place. That's evidence enough. "If they get in my face, I'm going to punch the fucking camera," he tells her. Wow. That would sort of hurt, though. He might want to try to punch the camera-man instead. Just a suggestion, Jase. Maggie says that she can understand him not wanting the cameras on him, but he's reacting very strongly. We now see him walking down the sidewalk. It looks as if he's taking off a microphone, which seems to suggest that he let them put it on in the first place, but whatever. He's yelling at the camera-dude. Ha, I get it: he's a short, little guy. Short guys are often full of rage. I don't understand why he's wearing a yellow armband. Maybe he knows someone who fell down a well recently. The cameraman apologizes, and Jason says he doesn't care and to get out of his fucking face. He gives the "get outta here ya bum" thumb motion as he passes. Hi-larious. Maggie's yelling "Jason!" like some battered housewife. It's all very Lifetime. Maggie tells us that they didn't need this extra pressure on them.

Now at the car, Maggie is getting her shit and telling him she can't look at him when he's like this and she can't believe he did that, and he's basically handing her flowers apologizing like those angry dudes do after losing control, and she walks into the house. "Call me later," he yells after her. "Will you?" Heeeeeeee.

Day. Student union. Nicole. Upstairs, Tim is talking to a very cute girl. The Graphic Of Stupid is actually funny for once. It says, "Tim's 'Good Friend' Kristi." Hee. That's funny with the quotation marks. Nicole is fellating her pen as she watches them. She tells us that he has some nerve bringing the whore into the sacred student union. Since their lives are ruled by others, Nicole has to ask a sister if she can go upstairs and talk to Tim. She lies, saying she wants to go up and "be a bitch" to the whore, but really she's going to freeze up. Watch. Nicole gets up and goes upstairs as she tells us that she doesn't like that this is a girl he met a few summers ago, because we all know how summer flings can be. Uh, what the fuck does that mean? Is she going to get all Grease on us now? She camera-deludes that she doesn't know if there is anything physical going on between them, but Tim owes it to her to let her know if there is. God. Nicole walks up to them in slo-mo, and commercials.

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