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Oh, Sorority Life. Nicole Lives The Sorority Dream.

New sponsor. Obviously Applebee's realized their revenue had actually dropped since advertising with Sorority Life, so now Pizzeria Uno's is the Crap Chain Restaurant Du Jour. Nicole is there with some friends, including her sister Natalie. They ask Nicole if she's with Tim. She sort of skirts the issue. My friend when I was growing up had a term he'd use if he hung out with a girl and they got friendly and flirted and cuddled; he'd say, "We hands-got together." That's what Nicole and Tim have done. They've hands-got together.

Meanwhile. House. Pledge Steve calls the house. Brooke answers. She's on the computer downloading Indigo Girls songs from Kazaa. Steve asks for Melissa. She's not there. Then he asks for Brooke. Brooke wonders who it is, so Steve quickly hands the phone to Tim. What a puss.

I really love Brooke. She's so cool and just doesn't play games. You could almost argue that she doesn't play along and thus is boring, but I find it refreshing in a house full of game-players. Watch Tim try to spit game: "This is Tim." Brooke: "Who." "Tim." "Hi." "'Sup?" "Nothing." "What are you guys doing?" "Who?" "Everybody at your house." "Um…do you…are you looking for Nicole?" (Now Brooke smiles here, which could be seen as happy that he called, but I'm pretty sure it's just confusion, because the whole time she doesn't stop with the computer.) "No. I'm not looking for Nicole." He then says he and Steve wanted to see if she and Melissa wanted to get some dinner tomorrow night. Dog. "Who was?" says Brooke. Tim says him and Steve, and that Steve was looking for Melissa -- meaning Tim is asking Brooke out. It's not a group thing, in other words. "Well, what about Nicole?" says Brooke. Brooke then camera-talks that she has no idea what's going on. She says, "So what's the deal with you and Nicole?" We get shots of Tim and then Nicole blissfully unaware at Uno's, and then Brooke. And commercials. Finally.

Back. Pledge house. The phone call continues. Tim says he and Nicole aren't dating -- they're just friends. "Are you sure she knows you're just friends?" ask Brooke to Tim. Tim says he told her that over dinner at Applebee's last week. Brooke says she is concerned and doesn't want Nicole looking like "a desperate girl" or something. Tim then asks if maybe he shouldn't call Nicole anymore. "No, don't do that!" says Brooke, emphatically. Brooke is cool. I really wish I could interview her and find out what else was said during that conversation. There had to be more. Maybe there will be outtakes someday.

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