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Oh, Sorority Life. Nicole Lives The Sorority Dream.

Back. Nicole drives. Tim rests his head on the table. The girls get dressed. Someone rubs white stuff on Julia's back. (And surprisingly, this time it's not Wagner. Lady!) Julia is sausage-packed into a hideous white outfit as she calls her mom and tells her she got a tattoo. She describes it to her with glee. Her mom says that as long as it doesn't say "Wagner," she's happy. I guess Moms doesn't approve of the boyfriend. Like a kiss-ass, Maggie yells that she wouldn't let Julia get a "Wagner" tattoo. Moms thanks Maggie for that. Julia purrs that Maggie held her hand the whole time. At least Maggie didn't hold her hand during the study-break sex. That's not something you want to see. Maggie then tells us that Julia needs to find out, but she doesn't know how. So in the kitchen, Maggie broaches it, saying that the tattoo guy "sucked ass." It's peeling, she says, but it's supposed to do that. Melissa then looks at Julia's tattoo as Julia's gulps down ice cream, trying to fall out of the white outfit even more. Melissa says it's spelled wrong. "No it's not," says Julia. Melissa laughs. She then tells us that no one told her not to say anything to Julia -- but if it was her tattoo spelled wrong and no one said anything, she'd be pissed. Thank you. Maggie is still trying to play, going, "I can't tell. Is that an 'L' or an 'E'?" Finally Julia runs upstairs, and Melissa and Maggie laugh as we hear, "Damn!" and then a door slamming. Maggie then tells us she doesn't think Julia realizes it's going to be fucked up forever and that removal hurts a lot. Julia then calmly tells us, "I'm going to be rich when I get older, so if I want I could always get laser surgery." Okay.

Night. Buffalo. Buffalo. Buffalo. Nicole and Brooke drive to the pledge house. Nicole says how Mackenzie told her to forget the good about Tim and focus on the bad. "But what is the good?" asks Brooke. Nicole hems and haws that there is good. Nicole tells us that now there is extra pressure for things to work out between her and Tim, because she doesn't want to prove everyone right. Uh…what is there to work out? There is nothing! Nothing! God!

House. Tim calls late, after fucking three strippers. He asks if she's still pissed off. She says she's not. Then she camera-talks that to have him call at 3:30 AM made her feel really good about the situation. Now he says, "I probably won't be seeing or talking to you for a long time." Ha. We get a graphic explaining that "Tim has a fraternity commitment for several days." Tim goes on that he wanted to give her a heads-up. Nicole is all sad and says she'll talk to him when he gets done. Then, because she sucks and can't help but be pathetic, she says, "Right?" Tim takes a long pause and then responds, "Yup." Nicole then says that at least they're going to formal -- totally checking -- and he says yeah. As she hangs up, she's saying that if Tim is lying right now about the frat trip, then everyone will be proven right and she'll find the strength to cut him off. No she won't.

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