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My Big Fat Greek Recap

So yeah, here we embark on the great experiment called Sorority Life 2. People are very excited about this show. So excited they've felt the need to correct me on stuff I wasn't aware I'd even mentioned. So yeah, now I know that the DZO is a local sorority, as all national sororities forbade their members from allowing MTV to film them for this show. Also, I learned that the college is actually the University at Buffalo. So, that's cool!

Let's dive right in. Niagara Falls. Crap song plays. Shots of Buffalo. Buffalo. Buffalo. People walking. Trains. The campus. And then three girls. They introduce themselves as the girls of Delta Xi Omega. The main girl, this blonde, this short Talia girl, has a pinchy voice like Nathan Lane in those NyQuil commercials and is the president. She explains that the house has been in existence for fifteen years. The VP is Amy, and she says they're looking for girls who are down to earth and blah blah blah needycakes. They all have terrible voices. I hate them all. Talia explains that they like to party -- we see them partying alone, dancing alone, drinking alone, which is a danger sign -- but she says it's not on the top of their list. (On the top of their list is eating Entenmann's, shaving their pubic hair, and making fun of fat girls.) No, actually she says they like to help out and feed the dirty poor people and stuff. Loren, a redhead, says that they're small so they can get to know each other better. We see the girls chillin' in a hot tub somehow on the track during some sporting event. I don't understand. (Don't email me!) Amy lays down a nefarious warning to her sisters, that she knows all the girls' deepest secrets, but she wouldn't tell! A girl hugs a mascot. They have fourteen girls, almost half of whom are graduating, so they "definitely" need some new girls, says Amy in that accent she has.

Janel is the social chair. Hee. She's a chair. She has the put-together, bitchy look of an actress in porno films. Wow, these girls like the word "definitely." Janel goes on that these girls will be the future so they have to pick good girls. She says there's not one "look" to a sister. Then in another shot of Janel, where it appears she's ducking down taking a piss in some weeds, she doesn't look so put together anymore; in terrible lighting, she tells us that she "personally" wouldn't take a girl in a "stupid outfit" or with Daisy Dukes and "rolls" hanging out. Hee. God, that's awesome. Janel: stay sweet! :)

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