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Nicole, Erin, and Mackenzie are next. MamaStacey camera-talks that they can't go into the dorms after midnight (man, that's wack) and that's why they're having to bring the dorm-dwellers here. Janel, obviously nervous about the show because her face has broken out terribly, reads her line very stiffly: "I am loving tricking the pledges into thinking they are not getting a bid." Janel says, again, "Me, myself…" in introducing why they called the girl back. She goes on that the girls are nervous, and she's the perfect person to trick the girls because she likes nothing more than being a total cunt to other females. (Well, that's not exactly what she says, but you get the idea.) We see them tell the girls the truth. The girls scream. Mackenzie says that the sisters suck for tricking her. Those girls certainly do suck. Often. Erin's dead face tells us she's really happy now because she gets a chance to bid. There is absolutely no emotion on her face whatsoever.

MamaStacey now tells us that they have to get in their cars and trick the other pledges. They trick Julia's porn self. Maggie's gigantic bosoms are very excited as well. Janel camera-bitches that some sisters only want a six-girl pledge class, but MTV, or rather "the others," want ten. So they're taking all ten. Hmm. How exciting.

Brittany is next. As usual, she looks totally fucked up. She's lying in bed, obviously asleep. She kisses the camera. I don't know if that's a good sign and she has a sense of humor, or if she's just a total wacko. Sarah is next. In an unfortunate shot, she stands right by a "Beware Of The Dog" sign as she emerges from her house. Not cool, Sergio. Not cool at all. Melissa is next. She sticks her tongue out as far as it can go. I guess she doesn't realize that she's in and can stop sucking up to the sisters. Mackenzie's next. She's on the phone to her boyfriend, obviously complaining about what bitches the sisters all are and how she hopes she doesn't get in. And also talking about HIV and stuff. Karissa then camera-talks exactly that, that them showing up at 2 AM really stressed her out because she was just looking forward to being alone for the night. (Read: Totally having phone sex with her boyfriend.)

In an off-topic note, I just realized that I didn't have the captioning on this whole time, and I didn't even miss it. Man, the world speaks a lot clearer than Ozzy.

The girls drive back. One of them says she thinks they picked a great group of girls. They go on, and the captioner gives up and just writes, "All talking excitedly." I'm sure the captioner already has that F2'ed into her keyboard for this show.

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