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Day. Office of Greek Affairs. The girls show up and do some paperwork as MamaStacey explains to us that they all have to go sign an official bid with the school, and then they can't rush another sorority for a year. Erin Botoxes that they didn't have a bid for her because they had concerns about her transfer credits and GPA. The girls have to have a GPA of 2.0. That's a C, people. Just a C. Talia goes up and talks to the woman for, her but learns that her transfer credits don't count towards her UBQ and basically, she's fucked. We see Erin watching in the background, her face full of…well, a tiny bit of emotion managing to make its way onto her face. Talia then camera-snots that she's really surprised; they'd asked all the girls before and they all said there'd be no problem. Talia takes Erin outside and tells her she's disappointed. Erin says she is too. Erin then tells us that she's disappointed. We get it. Everyone is vaguely-but-not-really disappointed. Let's go! Erin hugs Talia and says, "I'm fine." And that's it for her. Buh-bye, Erin's dead face. Don't let your other fourteen minutes of fame hit you on the way out.

Buffalo. Buffalo. The house. It's the pinning ceremony. It sounds kinky, but then it's explained that the pledges wear white and the sisters wear black and it's just where they get their pledge pins, which they'll wear for the duration of pledging. Boo. Nicole camera-blahs that this is worth it because you'll always have a friend by your side no matter what. (For the record, all the people who did Greek stuff that I know haven't talked to their frat brothers or sorority sisters since they graduated.) Oh my God, Nicole is still going on: "…to laugh with you…to cry with you…to just be there with you."

Meanwhile, the girls are all led upstairs into a room that looks like the "Every Breath You Take" video with all the candles. The girls open their eyes, and they're all holding candles and standing under a graffiti cloth ceiling, way too close to all the open flames. Mackenzie tells us she had tears in her eyes. She totally didn't. The pledges now repeat this crap pledge that's terribly poorly written. Mackenzie now tells us that she's not sure at all how she's going to manage her time.

The girls get pinned. Maggie's gigantic boobs provide a good landing ground for the first pin. Brooke tells us that the pinning represents the end of rush and the beginning of pledging. Okay, so they're no longer rushees, but pledges. I did not know that.

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