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She's Leaving Home, Bye-Bye

Buffalo. Buffalo. Bums. Buffalo. Pledge house. Brooke gathers the girls together, and she tells us that it's been difficult and she's not putting in enough to be a good pledge and what is she doing here. She tells the other sisters that she misses her life and she doesn't like this. She loves college and she loves her life and she hates this. They try to tell her that once pledging is over it'll be different, but she says that pledging just isn't as important to her as it is to everyone, and someone should have her room who really wants this. Julia camera-porns that there is no talking anyone out of something like that. Not that she'd even try -- it'll give her and Maggie more of a chance to run things, and force everyone to learn to airbrush t-shirts. Brooke says it's "degrading" to everyone who really wants this, and Maggie halfheartedly says, "It's not degrading." See -- because then right away she tells us that she doesn't want Brooke as her sister, lying that she likes her "as a person" but maybe sororities just aren't for everyone. Brooke finally just has to break it down and tell everyone she doesn't like arts and crafts and wearing her pin -- she wants to go home and study tonight. And like that, she's depledging. Julia tells her that she's making the right decision (yeah, she is) and that she can come back whenever she wants. Brittany's drunk ass slurs something, but she's probably too fucked up to understand what's going on. She's probably just busy wondering what all the cameras are here for. Karissa tells us that she doesn't know how she's going to make it without Brooke. Aw. Mackenzie weighs in, happy to see Brooke go, if she doesn't want this.

Buffalo. A sign that reads, "Special Spaghetti Meatballs $4.99. Good Help Wanted." Wow. I wonder what they pay there. Sixty cents an hour? Sister House. Night. MamaStacey tells Brooke that if there's anything she can do to make this "easier," she should let her know. Brooke bails, kinda blowing her off. As she's walking away, Sister Laura stops Brooke and asks what's up. Laura kind of looks like a bigger Rachel Dratch. She tries to assure Brooke that she went through the exact same thing when she was pledging; it just takes time to get close and bond. "It makes me so sad," says Laura, her words obviously having had no effect whatsoever. They continue walking.

God, this is taking so long. Just leave already. Nicole tells us that this is going to make Karissa want to leave. Karissa tells us that it's "upsetting." Brooke and Nicole hug, and then make out. And that's it.

Day. House. The sisters are around. Karissa starts asking who took her pledge book. They all play coy, reminding her that she has to watch it at all times and anyone could have taken it. Karissa tells us she's pretty absentminded, so she could have misplaced it. Oh, great. I want her to be my doctor. "Hey. Has anyone seen the scalpel? You guys! C'mon." Karissa looks upstairs, but then slowly realizes that one of the sisters did indeed take it. She goes on that she was very stressed out and had a test the next day. "You know what," she tells the coy sisters, "I'm done." She walks upstairs. Laura looks all, "Ooooooh, you in trouble." The sister all laugh and joke as Karissa tells us that with the sisters ganging up on her, she realized for the first time that without Brooke it was going to be hard. Commercials.

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