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The Snake, The Garden, The Applebee's

The sisters gather. MamaStacey says that Karissa is pissed and she's right -- she acted like an asshole tonight. What a wimp she is. Amy reminds her that if the pledges did the notes and are already walking all over them, what are they going to be doing in two or six weeks? "Set your foot down!" yells Talia, in that voice that makes you want to crash against the rocks -- not because it's so beautiful, but rather just so you never have to hear it again. MamaStacey calls Karissa and says that Karissa had no right to call her and yell at her.

Pledges. Brooke wonders what, even if one of them did the notes, is so disrespectful about it. Thank you! The girls babble for a while, and Brooke camera-prisses that a scavenger hunt is "weird," but it's not "disrespectful." Now Nicole says that she wants to get to the bottom of who put up these notes, as we see Tim and Steve sneak back and put another note on the front door: "Figure it out yet? Think harder!" Oh. My. God. I just lost 70 IQ points watching this bullshit, and I can't afford that.

Next week. Nicole is dating Tim?! She says she met him the first night of pledging. So what about the notes? How dumb. How so dumb. The sisters go graffiti all over the Fraternity Life house, obviously having finally figured out Notegate. Maggie yells at Brooke that she's sorry she wanted to bond with her: "I'll never want to bond with you again. Fuck that!" she yells. Uh, okay. And that's it! Bye.

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