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Purple Haze

Montage of camera-talking. Julia says it wasn't her. Maggie is silent. Brittany, high on glue this time, says she wouldn't rat -- she'd tell whoever she had a problem with to her face. Mackenzie says it wasn't her. Maggie stammers, and then says, "It could have been anyone." Brooke is going on now, and Mackenzie interrupts and says she's being rude. Go, Mackenzie. (Now kick her uppity ass, Brooke.) Brooke says she thinks it's rude to tattle. Mackenzie says that whoever ratted (maybe she did?) just had concern for the sisters -- and Brooke yells, "I'm your pledge sister! I'm the one that fucking lives with you guys and I have to deal with this!" Yikes. Mackenzie tries to explain, saying that they came to them and told them to stop talking about "hazing" that night. Brooke yells that no one came to her and told her anything. Yeah, they di-- oh, fuck it. I'm doing it again. I'm "caring."

Brooke now goes on some weird parallel about maybe she should bring up shit about Julia that she thinks makes them look bad, but she doesn't, because that's her own business. She goes on that her point is, if someone has a problem, come and say it directly. She then camera-talks that this is just going to make them get initiated later, and that it drove a wedge between them, and didn't prove anything. Brooke looks like she's going to cry. Nicole rests her head on Brooke's shoulder, or maybe it just fell over from the weight of all the product. And Brooke says, "Well, that's it." And that's it! No next on…hmm. Well, see ya!

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