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He hobbles back over to the computer, lays the crutches against the desk, picks up his pen, and starts sketching -- and this time things seem to be coming back to him a lot easier, and he starts to smile.

We need a montage! I will not complain if this show wants to end on an Otis Redding-backed musical montage every single episode. It's night. Charlie and Eko are working on the church, which has to be the most physical labour Charlie has ever had to do in his life. Looks like they're starting to put up the frame. Jin's running his fingers over Sun's belly, like, it's going to be a while before you can feel anything there, Daddio. Much speculation has been made over Sun's expression, but I find it fairly inscrutable myself. To me, she doesn't look pensive so much as simply reflective. Claire is making goo-goo faces at Aaron's massive head. At first I had no idea what Hurley was doing with Libby. Turns out he's making shadow puppets, much to her amusement. I thought he was trying to demonstrate some Kama Sutra possibilities. A much leaner-looking Vincent strolls up while Sawyer chomps on some food, because a dog is the only person who will give Sawyer any attention anymore. As dogs go, Vincent's quite subtle about the begging, but noted animal lover Sawyer scowls and gives him some food because, oh right, he's a big softie at heart. And there's Bernard and Rose, cuddling by the fire.

In the jungle, Jack and Kate are not cuddling by the fire. "How long are you going to wait, Jack?' says Kate, who looks bored to tears. "Until I get my voice back. Then I'm going to yell some more." Well, that'll be entertaining. Kate looks around, and then suggests that maybe they can't hear him, but Jack confidently says they can.

After a moment, Kate switches subjects entirely: "I'm sorry I kissed you," she says. Just what every guy loves to hear. Jack seems to take it not as a statement of actual regret so much as an acknowledgement that maybe the circumstances aren't right for them to start thinking about doing the Humpty Dance, which I think is probably right, and he thinks for a moment and comes up with the perfect response: "I'm not." They gaze into each other's eyes for a moment, and then there's the sound of movement in the bush.

Then they spot someone carrying a torch, running through the jungle, someone sounding scared and exhausted. He runs right up to them and falls flat on his face; they roll him over and are shocked to discover that it's a practically unconscious Michael. I think they can be forgiven for not recognizing him running through the jungle, even if viewers could, since he wasn't yelling "Waaaaaaalllllt!" at the top of his lungs.

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