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Jack strolls over to where Ana-Lucia is reading a big book (and you should check the first word on pages 4, 8 -- oh, never mind, they never show what book it is). Jack asks her about Faux Henry, who we learn has refused food and water for two days now and also refuses to talk to them. As Jack twirls the combination lock, Ana gets up and stuffs the gun into the waistband of her jeans. "I don't know about you, but I'm tired of waiting," he says. That Jack! He says what we're all thinking!

Henry Gale's hunched over, but he sits up straight when Jack enters, and stares straight ahead, like all Jack's going to get is his name, rank, and serial number. He doesn't answer Jack's questions about losing his appetite, which doesn't bother Jack much, because he says he never had much of a bedside manner anyway. He tells Henry that he's going to change the dressing on his shoulder: "If you try anything, we've got a problem," says Jack all tough. Jack rips the bandage off Faux Henry's shoulder, causing him to flinch slightly. Faux Henry also grunts when Jack applies some stinging disinfectant to the wound. I imagine neither of these reactions are bothering Jack that much; he's nattering away about Faux Henry's speech about leading them into a trap if he were an Other, so some Lostaways could be kidnapped and a trade could be worked out. "It's a pretty good idea, Henry," says Jack, patting a new bandage into place. "I thought now might be a good time to use it. I'm going out to the line that we're not supposed to cross, and telling them that we've got you. And if they want you back, it's going to cost 'em." Like the Others aren't thrilled to be rid of Faux Henry.

Jack finishes up and packs up his medical bag. "And when we get Walt back, you might just have been worth all the trouble." Who in the what now? Jack's heading out of the armoury when Faux Henry breathes sharply, or maybe chuckles slightly. Jack turns back and asks if Henry said something. Henry turns his head and looks at Jack for the first time. "They'll never give you Walt," he says flatly. Jack just stares at him, looking almost scared at Henry's words and their implications. Wow, excellent opening. Had me figuring that the boring-athon we've been stuck with for the past few weeks was finally over. It's a throwdown! A showdown! Hell, no, I won't slow down!

Oh. It's a Rose and Bernard flashback show this week. Well, it's safe to say there won't be bullets flying, fistfights, pimps, or car chases. Three of those things in an episode, in any combination, are usually good enough to earn you an A from me.

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