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Make sure your sign doesn't read

Sawyer glances off to his right, and sees Jack doing his robo-stride over. "Oh happy day. Here comes Dr. Giggles," says Sawyer. Jack says "hey," looking at Kate, and Sawyer says, "Hey, yourself," even though Jack wasn't talking to him. In fact, Jack barely glances at Sawyer at all, and tells Kate that he's heading out to the jungle to find "our friend with the beard" and see about making a trade. Sawyer stands up, and smugly surmises that Jack's inviting him along because he needs a gun. Jack allows himself to enjoy, just slightly, telling Sawyer that he's inviting Kate, and he's already got a gun. "How in the hell'd you get a gun?" Jack asks Sawyer if it matters. Apparently not to Jack; did he even ask where Ana-Lucia got hers? Well, I guess he might know she disarmed Sayid. Did he ask Sayid where he got it? And did Sayid tell him he got it from Charlie? And did Jack ask Charlie where he got it? And did Charlie's part in Sawyer's scheme come to light? Never mind.

Anyway, Kate's quite happy that Jack's finally asking her along on one his expeditions that usually result in people getting kidnapped or killed, so she says she'll get her things. And the two of them walk off together, with Sawyer looking much chagrined. Score one for Jack.

Bernard's rallying the Lostaways, reminding them that they've been on the island for two months. "And already we have a water trough, and we've got a food pantry, and people are taking showers in your hatch." They are? When are they doing that? He asks if they've forgotten that they crashed on the island. "It's like none of you want to go home again." In circles around him are numerous Lostaways, with the main cast -- Charlie, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Libby, and Claire (holding Turniphead) -- literally in the inner circle. All the extras in the outer ring are making the most of their chances, though, and are nodding enthusiastically as Bernard speaks, because it's not like they're going to get any lines. Claire gets all indignant at the idea that they don't want to go home, but it's not like they can offer up any evidence to the contrary, apart from Hurley's feeble "We built a raft…and it got blown up."

Bernard points out that the food pallet had a parachute attached to it, which meant it was dropped by a plane, which means that planes fly over the island. So what they're going to do is make a giant sign on the beach. Judging from the extras getting all bobblehead, they think that's a great idea, as Bernard babbles on about planes and satellites taking pictures, like, quit drinking, Bernard. Then Rose shouts out that they should check with Jack about this. This is the first we've noticed she's there, and she's standing on the outside of the circle, by a guy who might want to see if Sawyer has an eyebrow trimmer.

Bernard's a little surprised, as I would be. You need to check with Jack to get permission to build a giant SOS sign? Bernard tries to joke about it: "He's not the president; he's a doctor." Drawing several snickers, Rose yells out that Bernard's a dentist. I think she's pointing out that Bernard doesn't have any more qualifications to lead than Jack does, but it comes across like she's reminding him that doctor outranks dentist or something. Rose's heckling gives Bernard pause, and he asks if he can talk to her for a second. She rolls her eyes as he walks over, and they walk a little ways away, but certainly not far enough for everybody not to hear as she upbraids him for giving these people false hope, even though all he wants to do is try to get them off the island. Bernard looks hurt, and softly excuses himself, saying he has a sign to build. He walks away, and Rose looks regretful, which seems about right.

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