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A Jeep or a Land Rover or whatever hauls ass across the desolate outback. Rose and Bernard lovingly argue about whether they're lost; Bernard says he knows where they are, and Rose says so does she: "Driving around in circles in the middle of the outback. That's why I wanted to be on a beach for our honeymoon." I think maybe if Bernard knew how much complaining she'd be doing, he'd have found a way to make that happen.

They drive into "civilization," in Rose's words, even though it's really just a few shacks. Any place where there are herds of sheep wandering around where paved roads are supposed to be isn't civilization. Rose wants Bernard to get directions, but he confidently says that they're not lost. Something in his tone finally clues her in that he knows exactly what he's doing. She suspiciously asks him what's going on, and he says he brought her out here because he wants her to see someone named "Isaac of Uluru." He hands over a brochure that identifies this Isaac as a "healer," and there are newspaper clippings -- "MIRACLE IN THE OUTBACK," screams the headline of one tabloid -- as Bernard says he knows how it looks, but this guy is completely legit. "You brought me to a faith healer?" Rose says, throwing the clippings down on the car seat and opening her door and getting out.

Bernard does likewise, and tries to tell her Isaac's the real deal: "Once I started telling people about your condition, I get three separate phone calls recommending him." "'My situation,'" says Rose. She can't believe this is why he wanted to honeymoon in Australia. Bernard says he had to make a $10,000 donation to get in to see Isaac. I think, with that line, Bernard might have revealed himself, dentist or not, to be the stupidest person on the island. "I didn't ask for this!" yells Rose. Bernard looks saddened by her attitude, but clearly he figured she'd never agree to this, or he wouldn't have done this without Rose's knowledge. But really, Bernard, a faith healer? You might be grasping at straws, but if this guy could cure cancer -- or whatever Rose has, as the word "cancer" is never actually uttered in this episode -- and is not doing it for charity, would he really be in an out of the way place in the outback? On balance, though, $10,000 to see a faith healer is probably less of a rip-off than $10 to see Leap of Faith, which would probably have made Rose even angrier.

Rose slowly shakes her head as she quietly says, "I have made my peace with what is happening to me." "Well, I haven't," he says. Better get going on that, Bernard. "I can't just do nothing, Rose. That's not me. That's not who I am. I have to try." Rose softens somewhat as she grasps that he only did this amazingly stupid thing out of his overriding love for her, so when he says, "Will you try, Rose? For me?" you know she's going to.

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