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Make sure your sign doesn't read

Back on the beach, Rose is doing some sort of chores while Bernard is all futilely trying to convince Sawyer of all people to help out with the hard labour, because if Sawyer has time to fix his tent -- Sawyer's gathering up giant palm fronds or whatever to shore up Casa de Sawyer after it was destroyed by Hurricane Hurley -- he's got time to lug rocks for a half mile. "What, you got union trouble down at the sand factory, Norma Rae?" Sawyer's delivered his witty quip for the week, so his scene will soon be done. Bernard pleads for his help one more time, and Sawyer says, "Pasadena," which I guess is his way of saying, "Pass," or is perhaps another place where he contracted a venereal disease. Or, most likely, both.

Bernard sees Rose over by the water trough, presumably realizing she saw the whole thing, so he decides to go over and start a fight with her while filling up his water bottle. "Boy, I hope you're happy," he says. "About what?" and he tells her that he only has four people working on the sign now, which he thinks is her fault because of the way she didn't support him, and she throws a little gasoline on the fire by suggesting that perhaps his project has a "management problem." He repeats his "just trying to do something" mantra, so it's time for her to tell him that that is precisely his problem. "If I didn't always have to do something, you wouldn't be here," he snaps. He's referring to the faith healer, sounds like, who we're being led to believe fixed Rose; unfortunately for Bernard, his sentence is true in another sense: if not for his boner for Australia, they wouldn't be on Craphole Island. Either way, it shuts Rose up, and she takes her pack and leaves. Bernard looks like he realizes he stepped over a line. I'm still having trouble with the notion that I've been married longer than these two have.

In the jungle, Jack and Kate still somehow have their clothes on. Kate says that she's flattered Jack chose her for the journey instead of Sawyer, because she's got to praise Jack like she should. Too bad Jack pisses all over that, saying he asked Sayid first, but Sayid said no, which doesn't sound like something Sayid would say. "And I only asked you, because they don't want you. They grabbed you, held you at gunpoint…they could have kept you, but didn't." Jack sure knows how to make a girl feel wanted. The look on Kate's face suggests to me that she didn't realize her brush with Others should be a self-esteem issue for her, but there you go. "Then again, they didn't really want me either," he says, and Kate calls them both "damaged goods" with a wry smile. They continue, but Kate has spotted a trap -- or, I mean, a doll, and she wanders over to very naively pick it up, despite Jack's protests. He runs over to her just as she picks it up; this enables them to both be swept up in the net that hoists them into the air. "Sorry," says Kate meekly. "Sorry" don't get people out of nets, Kate.

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