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"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Hell YEAH we are.

And now is the time on Alias when we put on our dancing shoes once again and dance, dance, DANCE!

After the break, we return to the Floating Boat of Baby-Carrying Spies right as Sydney comes upon Peyton in a hallway. This time, though, Sydney's got a gun pointed at Peyton's head. Peyton gets snotty with Sydney, saying, "A woman in your condition...shouldn't you be resting?" "Thanks," snits Syd. "I don't plan on staying long." Heh. Syd pats Peyton down as Peyton informs her that the message she sent didn't go through. Syd's all, yeah, whatever; pull this leg and it plays "Baa Baa Black Sheep." Peyton's all, no, really, dude. Your message was intercepted at Langley. Syd's all, you're bluffing. Peyton's all, fine, whatever, you're not getting off this ship. Syd looks like she's unsure whether or not Peyton's bullshitting.

CIA Headquarters. We catch up with a tour that's making its way across the CIA seal. Included in her group are none other than Dixon and Marshall, both looking extremely ridiculous in their disguises. Particularly since Marshall's looks like a nerdier version of JJ Abrams. As they walk off with their tour group, Getty enters and informs Jack over comms that he's heading to payroll. Rachel enters at the same time and heads through security, telling the guard that she has a job interview. The guard tells her that she can't take her camera phone inside and he confiscates it, saying she can pick it up from the security office when she leaves. Rachel pretends to be disappointed and then walks off as the guard hands the tray with her phone in it to another guard, who takes it into the security office. Part A of the plan seems to be in place, apparently.

Getty makes his way to payroll and comes upon a terse woman at a computer. He tells her that there's a problem with his paychecks, and she tells him that it appears that he's no longer an employee, and the records show that someone's been cashing his checks, and it's probably his wife. Getty gently tells her to check her file again, because she's mistaken. She does, and she quickly realizes that his wife is dead. I mean, we don't hear her say that, nor do we see what's on her screen, but she gets that whole, "Ohhhhh. OH! I am so...I am so sorry!" attitude that people get when they're being dickheads to someone before they realize that that person has either lost a loved one, or has a terminal disease.

Back with Rachel's camera phone. It apparently comes with some extras other than voicemail and call waiting, because a little mini-laser shoots up out of the phone and aims at a wall across the way. The security guards are too busy watching porn on one of their monitors to notice the little laser show going on behind them. Jack gets on the horn and tells Getty to get a move on because they're locking into the server. Getty prods the payroll lady, and she heads off to find her supervisor. The second she leaves, Getty sits at her computer and hacks into what looks like the building's access control system.

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