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"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Both Fatty McFatterton and Devlin balk at what Jack is insinuating. Marshall gets a signal match as Jack says, "One of you is working for Prophet Five, and we have your number." "That's enough!" says Devlin, getting up. "This meeting's over." Marshall dials the criminal's number, and Fatty McFatterton's phone rings. Jack pulls his gun and shoots him in the gut. Awesome. Jack leaps over and grabs the guy by the neck and demands to know where Sydney is. "Do yourself a favor," he says as Devlin looks like he's going to intervene, "stand back." Heh. Jack asks again where Sydney is, and Fatty just says he doesn't know what the hell Jack's talking about. "Wrong answer," snits Jack, shooting him in the shoulder. Ouch!

One of the seven guys hits the alarm button, and the guards come running. But Jack has wisely (and awesomely) sealed the doors. "Where is she?" Jack asks again. "You're crazy!" sputters Fatty. Jack hits him in the nose with the butt of his gun. Ha! Fatty? When Jack asks you a question about his little girl, YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION. Fatty sputters some more and then finally gasps, "The Athena...cargo ship..." "Where is the ship?" asks Jack. "North Atlantic," says Fatty. The guards bust through the glass with a chair, and Jack gets taken into custody. "Did you get that?" Jack asks Dix over comms. "We got it, Jack," says Dixon. "We're on it." Jack gets dragged off to the Temporary Holding Cells of Vengeful Daddies.

Back with the Storyline I Could Care Less About. I like Balthazar Getty and everything, but...yawn. So, Getty puts his USB thingy or whatever into Marshall's computer and brings up the WITSEC file. Since Marshall announced back when they were discussing the hard drive problem that he'd developed a program that can decrypt anything less than 512-bit encryption in nothing flat, I guess Getty figures that he can easily get the access key for Korman's location file. And he does. He finds out Korman's location, and that's the last we hear of this lame storyline for a bit.

Floating Uterus at Sea. The foreign dude who left before returns to Syd's bedside. He picks up a syringe filled with a milky substance. Syd demands to know what it is, and he tells her it's something to make her relax. Hey, you know what would make her relax? TELLING HER WHAT'S GOING ON. But, you know, keep using your Amazing Relaxation Solution of Two-Percent Milk, dude. Back at APO, Marshall, Sloane, and Rachel are trying to locate Syd's boat. Unfortunately, the Atlantic? She's a pretty big ocean. Rachel suggests something about patching into a radar feed, and Marshall does so. Within seconds, Sloane's located the boat. He calls Dixon and tells him that Marshall's uploading the coordinates to the onboard GPS, and that he and Getty are clear to go. They head out on a helicopter.

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