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"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Back with the Uterus at Sea, Sydney overhears female voices talking about her dizziness and difficulty breathing. A woman in a doctor's coat approaches, and it turns out to be Syd's actual OB/GYN from Syd's one doctor's appointment ages ago. "You bitch," says Sydney. "What did you do to me?" "My job as your doctor, Sydney," the doctor responds. "Nothing more." The doctor tells her to relax and then picks up a big-ass syringe. Syd starts to struggle, and the doctor tells her that she has to sit still, because she's about to draw amniotic fluid and that's a delicate procedure. "You go to hell!" says Syd, trying to get out of her bindings. The foreign guy holds her down as the doctor draws the fluid. A spot of blood appears in the fluid, and the doctor orders the foreign guy to prep the room because they need to begin right away.

Apple Store. Sloane gets on the horn and asks Dixon what their status is. Dix says they're almost there. Meanwhile, Peyton's on the phone with someone, saying, "You're sure she gave us the wrong information?" Ah-ha. So the person on the other end of the phone has figured out that Syd lied about that whole Horizon thing. The person also seems to have knowledge of Dixon and Getty's impending arrival, because Peyton's suddenly all, who? What? When? How far? Dammit! Peyton busts into the operating room and tells the doctor that she has forty minutes to do whatever it is she's about to do. The foreign guy puts a mask over Sydney's face and she goes to sleep.

Dix and Getty arrive and bust a move to the interior of the ship. There's no armed welcoming committee, which sets off Dix's alarms. The ship appears to be totally abandoned. They finally come upon Sydney's operating room. She appears to be fine, and her pregnant belly is still intact. She asks if the baby's okay, and Dix just tells her, "It's going to be okay, Syd." So that's a no, then? Dix and Getty put Syd onto the medical helicopter, and she flies off into the dark.

Apple Store. Sloane's on the phone with Angus, who's chastising him for making a grave error. Apparently, Angus didn't like it so much when Sloane gave his team the whereabouts of the Athena and, in the future, Angus would really like it if Sloane ran everything past HIM first before taking any action. You know, if he values his daughter's life. "As far as you're concerned," says Angus, "we own you. Is that clear?" Sloane says it's crystal and looks sick to his stomach.

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