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Previously on Revolution: Miles acquired Nora, as well as some intel on Neville's whereabouts. Nate reappeared and Maggie got fatally stabbed in the leg. Danny tried to escape Neville, but his own basic decency screwed him once again.

Noblesville, Indiana. Neville's fight club. Apparently the world isn't gruesomely violent enough, so these militia dudes need to smash each other in the face to feel something. Neville looks purely delighted at the opportunity to belt Danny. Danny, though, refuses to fight -- until Neville breaks his nose. Then he turns into the show's little Jared Leto and, like Jared, gets his pretty face pounded to a pulp, complete with squishy Foley noises. Ick.

Flashback to the day of the blackout. Neville, wearing a shirt and tie, is fiddling with his wedding ring in what appears to be his supervisor's office. The boss man tosses a folder at him and asks him to explain how he handled the claim. Apparently he paid out for smoke damage, even though the person's policy didn't cover that. Because Neville really did have a soft, chewy center once upon a time! Until he got canned. It's basically the scene in The Incredibles where Wallace Shawn fires Bob Parr. Ooh, I wonder if we'll see Giancarlo Esposito pulling a locomotive later.

Maggie's lonely grave. Charlie and Aaron stand next to it and say nothing while Miles sharpens his knife and tells them to get a move on. He says they've spent too much time standing around. Charlie wants to say goodbye, and Miles says Maggie's just a body in the ground now, while Danny is alive and they can still help him. Charlie pouts, because it's always one step forward, five steps back with the limpid-eyed whiner. She gathers up her stuff and they hit the road.

The five are walking through the forest when they hear the horn of a steam engine blast. Miles runs toward the sound and they see tracks, as well as an actual train. Neville observes that if Monroe has a working train, this could be very bad.

A panicky stationmaster is telling Neville the train should be in a museum (even though those don't really exist anymore), and the tracks from Noblesville to Baltimore are blocked by nonworking cars. Neville insists that the train will leave tomorrow, so the stationmaster should go make that happen.

In Philadelphia, Monroe tells Rachel that Danny is getting on a train and will be there soon. He tells her it's good news, and she's all, no, good news would be a hot shower and a full season's worth of DVDs of The Mindy Project and being able to preserve food other than by salting and pickling, you bastard. He sweet-talks that she'll see her son again (before Monroe starts torturing him), and Rachel makes those big wet eyes that everyone on Lost got so good at as she begs him -- for the sake of their past friendship -- to let her son go and she'll tell him everything. He says, "I know you will," because no way is he letting Danny go. All the same, he's sorry it's come to this. Sure he is. He's just bitter about his six seasons and a movie.

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