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Romance Is in the Heir

Previously on Survivor, the alliance of Rob, Alex, HeiDDi, and Jenna laid out, and Christy said they did "jackshit." But they didn't do "jackshit"! They were just working on their God-given tanning responsibilities in order to maintain their contribution to the tribe and to the world as beautiful people! Sadly, Christy didn't sign "jackshit," because learning such a gesture could come in handy. Jenna got good news from home, and behaved badly toward Christy, and then Alex "boldly" told Rob his plans to vote Rob out. It was less "bold" and more "stupid," though, leading Rob to trade sides in order to save his own manboobs...I mean, "skin." At Tribal Council, Jenna and HeiDDi were stunned, Deena was well-fed, and Alex became the third member of the jury. Six are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Thunder and lightning are ominous on Night 30 at Jackée. Returning from Tribal Council, Matthew, Rob, Butch, and Christy discusses the status of the fire while HeiDDi and Jenna whisper and play with their mouths. Jenna voice-overs that when Alex was voted out she felt more betrayed than ever before in her life because Rob "screwed the alliance," and betrayed them all in the process. She can't imagine how Alex feels right now, but speaking for herself and HeiDDi she says, "We hate [Rob]." She whines that she didn't think Rob would so willingly "sacrifice personal relationships for a gamble," and that she and HeiDDi are unable to forgive him.

As HeiDDi and Jenna warm themselves over the cooking manioc balls, Rob announces that he has something to say. He knows he voted differently than "some people" expected him to, and it wasn't because he disliked Alex but because Alex had told him some untruths. I have no idea why Rob doesn't tell the truth here about what Alex told him, instead of making up lies faulting him for what Rob himself has unapologetically done throughout the game. Christy stands right up in Rob's face as he explains -- probably because it's so dark and she can read his lips better that way, but I imagine it's disconcerting having someone standing so close to one. Christy's the opposite of a close talker -- a close listener. Rob announces that if anyone wants to speak with him about his Tribal Council actions, he has no problems discussing them.

Matthew jumps in to add that although he "thoroughly enjoyed Alex's company," he had also experienced his deceptiveness. In an interview, HeiDDi pisses that everyone took their time talking except for Jenna and herself. She explains, "If I would've [sic] talked at that point, I would've had every single cuss word come out of my mouth at that time." We return to the tribal discussion, where Matthew adds that he doesn't "harbor any ill will toward either" Jenna or HeiDDi. He says it's a game; they both voted against him and he won't forget it, but it also won't affect the way they interact with each other around camp. HeiDDi and Jenna nod and agree that it's good, but they don't really have any other choice.

Half the tribe members sleep, while HeiDDi cries to Jenna and Rob, whining that she helped the three men remaining in the game -- particularly Butch, whom she claims wouldn't be there without her. She interviews that she's never felt so "manipulated, cheated, and hurt all at the same time." Rob apologizes for hurting the women, preaching that it's time for them to evaluate what they're willing to do to win. HeiDDi sobs that she's not willing to turn her back on loved ones, and punctuates this announcement with a gigantically unattractive sniffle. Rob rolls his eyes before telling us in an interview that Jenna and HeiDDi were "under the impression" that they held the majority and were going to ride it through to the end. He grinningly announces that the tables have turned, and that the girls will now have to "kiss some ass" to ensure that one of them makes it through the next three days. Actually, either way, one of them is going to make it the next three days, unless they simultaneously fall into the mouth of a crocodile.

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