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Truth or glare

As we fade in from black, we hear Casey delivering a quote from an athlete who is speaking in the third-person. "Said Waters following the game, 'Ricky Waters isn't lugging the rock the way Ricky Waters is capable of lugging the rock.'" In the control room, Chris signals to Dana that there's ten seconds left. Dana instructs the boys to fill it, which Casey does by inanely wondering if Waters wasn't speaking about himself in the third person, but maybe about someone else in the second person. "Who'd you have in mind?" says Dan the Straight Man. "Oh, Ricky Waters the rock lugger in Toledo?" suggests Casey, and a bunch of the suck-up TCs chuckle suck-uppingly in the control room, and nobody points out that even if Waters had been referring to this Toledo rock lugger, that quote was still in the third person, since the second person means using the pronoun "you." Whatever. Dana sarcastically says "dynamite" and I wonder if later on in this episode she realizes how good she had it when these dingbats only had to fill ten seconds. As they outro, Dan is speaking in that voice that people use when they are trying to contain their laughter as if what Casey said was so gut-splittingly funny. Although he could be laughing at what a lame fill that was.

After they're out, Casey tells Dan that he has a date with a girl named Pixley who works in the building, and Dan wonders how Pixley is spelled, and we get endless banter about this name. Dan asks Casey what she does but Casey isn't "one hundred per cent sure." "She didn't tell you?" asks Dan as they walk to their office. She did tell Casey, but he admits he wasn't really paying attention. This is the sort of behaviour I expect from Dan: complete self-centredness, but not...oh, wait. Never mind. It's very Casey. "You weren't paying attention to Pixley?" asks Dan, incredulous. Casey suspects Dan is now looking for any excuse to say her name, which Dan admits is growing on him. Casey says he's not looking forward to the date. Dan says he might have a good time, but Casey says it's not a "pleasure date" but a requirement, "like home ec." Dan sympathizes at the mention of home ec. He asks if Casey learned anything. "I can do this thing where you hollow out a grapefruit," says Casey, a skill Dan also learned. Casey says the nonsense officially begins tonight. Dan says for everyone else, the nonsense began a long time ago. Yeah, like exactly seven episodes ago. "Six months on the Dana Whitaker Dating Program," says Casey, as he starts stripping in the office, a sight I'm sure inspired some of the steamier Sports Night slash fiction. Dan doesn't think the plan will last six months; he thinks it will last one night because jealousy will rear its ugly head. "It will rear its ugly head! It will look around and then it will eat Tokyo." "I like the sound of that," says Casey, as he changes into a black T-shirt and blue pullover thingy. Dan asks if it's okay if he gives Pixley a call after she stomps out of the restaurant tonight. Man, this episode is almost all Dating Plan. I can't take it. This is my last recap before MBTV sends me to Santorini for a holiday and I can't deal with this. I think I am developing multiple personalities to cope and I feel one coming on. I think it's my haiku-writing Zen monk personality...

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