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A Girl Named Pixley

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Truth or glare

Open on Isaac's feet moving slowly on a treadmill. Jeremy comes in and actually says, "You're working out on the treadmill?" and Isaac busts on him for such a dumb question. Jeremy makes small talk, the kind where it's obvious he's got something on his mind. He clambers up on the treadmill and wonders aloud if he were to "pop this thing up to ten" would Isaac go flying out the window onto Fifth Avenue. Isaac says his hands would be around Jeremy's neck and Jeremy would come with him, so it's a wash. Isaac then asks Jeremy if he's on "Isaac patrol" tonight, and Jeremy pretends not to know what he's talking about. Isaac says he knows the gang takes turns making sure he gets out of the office okay. "Yes, and doesn't that make us rotten people," says Jeremy. Isaac, the coolest boss alive, says, "There are plenty of reasons why you're rotten people." Jeremy says Dan is on Isaac patrol and Casey's on a date with Pixley. "Casey's out with Pixley? You suppose the two of them could be any more white?" says Isaac. Jeremy laughs because he's such a soul man, then he gets down to the reason for his visit.

He's nominated for some sort of producing award and good for him and all, but you know that any award that Jeremy is up for would be the kind handed out in a ceremony the day before the main awards ceremony. "I want to win bad, Isaac," says Jeremy. Isaac says "yes." "You know that feeling?" says Jeremy. "Well, I work in sports, so I'm trying to think if I've ever had contact with people like that," says Isaac. Heh. Jeremy compliments him on his steady stream of zingers, especially since, you know, Isaac had a stroke and everything, like Jeremy basically says, "Way to not be a vegetable, boss!" and he's asking Isaac what he thinks about preparing an acceptance speech in advance. According to Jeremy, Isaac's been nominated for these sorts of things many times and lost. "I won the Pulitzer," says Isaac, except he says it Pew-litzer instead of Pull-litzer and at any rate it has probably been replaced on his shelf by some useless snowglobe-type gift from Casey. "It's a real honour, sir," says Jeremy. "No, I meant it's one of the many objects around the room I could grab and shove..." and Jeremy hastily cuts him off before we can visualize the rest of that inspirational scene. Isaac tells him to have in mind the people he wants to thank, but nothing is ever simple with Jeremy, who starts fretting about the order in which he'd thank them. And nobody but the main cast gets mentioned. Jeremy can't decide and says, "Tell you what, let's talk about it," and sits down. Isaac, who has already sighed and rolled his eyes about eight hundred times this scene, asks Jeremy to pop his treadmill up to ten.

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Sports Night




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