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Truth or glare

Isaac is trying to sleep when Jeremy comes in and says, "You trying to sleep?" "You are on fire tonight," says Isaac. He's waiting for his ride, but his wife's at a benefit and she's late because they're dancing and she loves to dance. For some reason, Jeremy jokingly asks, "Think you'll have to smack her around when she gets here?" Uh, not funny. Jeremy wants to talk about his speech some more, which he's decided not to prepare. He talks about some trivia about an extra speech written as Apollo 11 landed on the moon in case the astronauts couldn't get back. I wish this episode were about that, it's more interesting than anything else I've heard so far. Anyway, Jeremy decides that preparing the speech in advance is "bad karma." Isaac decides to yank off the Band-Aid and says, "Son, I'm sorry. You deserve to win as much as anyone. But you didn't." Isaac says Natalie told him about Sally Sasser winning. Jeremy seems disappointed (and also confused), especially since Natalie knew. As he's leaving, Isaac says, "You know what sucks?" Jeremy says, "Losing an award?" Isaac says, "I was gonna say, 'Not being able to dance with your wife.'" Jeremy looks slightly shamed. Isaac, the only man who can break my head and my heart, asks Jeremy to turn out the light. Jeremy does and leaves.

Back in the meeting room, torpor seems to have set in. Dana asks for word on the archer. "He's still alive, if that's what you're asking," says Dan. Dana wonders if the archer is gay because that would make a better story. Natalie is shocked, but Dana says she's going to make this guy the most famous seventh-place archer in the history of sports, the least he can do is "die in a timely manner and be gay." I say she's not totally wrong. I feel a kinship with Dana that my alcoholic haze is doing nothing to dispel. Jeremy walks in and asks to speak to Natalie.

In the control room, Jeremy tells her he found out from Isaac that she knew about him not winning. "Do you have any idea how stupid I feel?" he says. She apologizes. He wants to know why she didn't tell him the truth. Her answer, surprisingly sensible, is that he was so excited about being up for the award, that telling him he didn't win would only have brought him down sooner than necessary. "I'm searching for an ethical leg to stand on," he says, smiling a little. "Speaking of which, I should mention I'm very grateful that I'm able to dance with you." "You're not able to dance with me," she says. "Yes, but if I could dance, I could dance with you," says Jeremy. Oh, all right. Heh. Natalie laughs, but she doesn't understand. "I just generally feel stupid," he says. Natalie goes into wounded-ego-massage overdrive and suggests they get dressed up tomorrow night and have a good time celebrating that he got nominated for an award, and when they get home, she'll see if she can't replace his feelings of stupidity with something else. The audience goes, "Woooooo!" "Natalie, you can't just always make things better by offering me sex." She lifts her eyebrows a little. "Well, yes, I guess you can." They kiss. Get a room! Casey strides by. "Where is she?" he says. Oh, great. Is he in Neanderthal mode again? "I want to talk to the house madam, where is she?" Jeremy tries to tell him his story, but it's a little cryptic and confusing and not about Casey, so Casey shakes his head and asks again where Dana is. Natalie finks her out.

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Sports Night




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