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And The Crowd Goes Wild

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And The Crowd Goes Wild

This episode starts with the boys live and Dan delivering a line about some basketball player having a terrible game. Then instead of a clip of the guy commenting on his own performance like any other sports show in the world would have, Dan just tells the viewers that Reid said "my head just wasn't in the game." Dan then says, "Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Reid's head should contact the proper authorities." It's not a bad line, but delivery is everything and Dan sounds like he's been novocained. However, Dana still goes into paroxysms of laughter in the control room. On a few monitors around the control room, we see footage of what appears to be a riot. Dana repeats the line for the benefit of Natalie, who doesn't respond with what Dana has determined to be an appropriate amount of hysterical laughter. In fact, Natalie looks a little dishevelled, and by "dishevelled" I mean it looks like she hasn't washed her hair or something, which I guess would be the result of her breakup with Jeremy. Dana realizes something's wrong when Natalie snaps at her, but she shakes it off and attempts to share the joy of Danny's Zinger with Jeremy. He obviously isn't in the mood for joking around either, but his hair is too short for me to be able to tell if he's washed it or not. Dana asks if she's bothering Jeremy. He says "no." Liar! Dana asks Natalie if she's bothering her, and Natalie also lies and says "no." Dave calls out, "You're bothering me if . . ." but is cut off by Dana, who says, "Shut up, Tertiary Character," since Dave broke the Sports Night rule that TCs may not speak unless spoken to or given permission by one of the opening-credits cast.

Back on the desk, Casey stumbles over a line on the TelePrompTer and promises to keep viewers updated on the situation outside Madison Square Garden (presumably the riot) and adds that viewers in Manhattan may want to avoid 34th Street for a little while -- very useful advice for all those viewers who are watching TV and driving at the same time. ["Is that a shout-out? Because I live right off of 34th." -- Sars] Dana wonders what the situation is outside the Garden. Jeremy and Natalie offer her dribs and drabs of info, so Dana suggests that they work together, prompting the two of them to get all pissed off and refuse. During the commercial break, Casey admonishes Kim for a typo on the TelePrompter but Kim isn't having it, so Casey goes in for a closer look and realizes Kim was right (and so was Elliot, who remarks, "It's a poor workman who blames his tools," even at the risk of getting slapped around by one of the opening-credits cast). Casey says "hunting" looked like "bunting" from behind the desk ["that’s definitely a shout-out" -- Sars], so Dan sits him down and whips out a mini-flashlight he just happens to have and starts checking out Casey's eyes. For a show that purports to be more than a sitcom, I really don't like where this sorry plotline is going; it reeks of such ABC classics as Full House and Family Matters. Dan asks Casey questions about vision problems as if he knows at all what he's talking about, and Casey answers him with no less deference than you'd give an actual eye doctor. Then Danny moves onto phrenology and feels Casey's skull and suggests it could be a tumour, which finally prompts Casey to tell him to "get away from me." Casey figures he just needs new contacts. In the control room, Sam comes in and wants to know what's going on at the Garden, like thanks for watching the show, Mr. So-Called Ratings Consultant. Then again, this question is just so Dana can explain to the audience that a riot broke out following the high-school basketball final.

Then the writers play the Non-Sequitur Scene Change card and Dana tells Sam that she didn't get him a cake. Of course, Sam is all "What?" and Dana apologizes that she didn't get Sam a cake for his last day (which is tomorrow anyway, so it's more like Dana is apologizing because she already knows she's not getting Sam a cake, which I think is kind of insulting). She says she hopes he wasn't expecting a cake. She says this sincerely, which was weird, instead of jokingly, which would have been less weird, although still annoying. Sam says he wasn't expecting a cake. Then Dana repeats Dan's line about contacting the proper authorities and starts giggling like a maniac again, but Sam just stands there all stone-faced in his brown tie and brown shirt. Dana says "very tough house tonight." Commercials, thank God.

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Sports Night




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