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And The Crowd Goes Wild

Dana is in her office watching the riot footage. When Natalie comes in, Dana tells her to make a tape of the footage and to give it Peter Sadler in Legal, and explains about the subpoena. Natalie can't believe that Dana's just going to hand over the tape and says that unused footage is like a reporter's notes, which I hate to tell her can likewise be subpoenaed. I would like to commend Natalie, though, for at least questioning the subpoena for a more valid reason than just being ornery, but while it's admirable to refuse to give up notes or footage when anonymity has been promised to sources and exposure could threaten their life and/or livelihood, I can't quite make the connection between that and footage of people rioting -- footage that has been subpoenaed, so Natalie should consider very carefully whether she wants to go to jail for rioters. She should maybe save her legal challenges for the few times her little show might use stuff that's worth protecting, instead of the day-to-day activity of informing the general public of the outcome of a game where a bunch of millionaires chased a ball around a field or a court or a diamond. Doping in bike racing, for instance, or the Russian Mafia’s connection to Russian players in the NHL, or bribery in the IOC. But I will admit that I missed the possibility that there was a connection between Natalie's reluctance to hand over the tape and her reluctance to hand back Jeremy's stuff until Isaac gets it out of her later. God forbid these people should ever separate their personal and professional lives and motivations. Frankly, I just think I don't get it.

More Casey The Blind Man capers. Danny is writing Casey's script for him, and this is what they have so far: "The Sooners of Oklahoma" (or, as a broadcaster with a preference for brevity and a natural speaking style might say, "The Oklahoma Sooners") Casey says he can't dictate since writing for him is a tactile experience. Dan tells him not to worry, that he'll write the script for him. Casey reminds Dan that he likes alliteration. Yeah, that certainly wouldn't be an overused writing technique in sports journalism. Dana comes in to tell them that Jeremy and Natalie broke up. Dan and Casey want to know why, but Dana doesn't know, possibly because Natalie really doesn't want to talk to her and it's none of Dana's business (my theory, not hers). Everyone is surprised that Natalie didn't talk to Dana about it. I say leave her alone to deal with it however she sees fit, which doesn't appear to include babbling about your personal life to your co-workers whom you see every day and who also work with your significant ex-other. I mean, just look at the discussion that goes on when nobody actually knows anything. I say Natalie and Jeremy should be congratulated for doing their best to leave their personal lives at home, unlike the rest of this crew. Dana says she's telling them this to let them know that this is a good day to be nice, and if my boss ever said that to me, I really hope I could keep my eyes from rolling. Dan protests that he's always nice. Then there's another practical joke played at Casey The Blind Man's expense, which I'll ignore since I grew tired of this plotline a long time ago and now it's annoying me to the point that my tolerance was retroactively exhausted before the show even began, like halfway through Dharma and Greg. Don't even get me started on that show. I'll just say I have to learn to time my VCR better so that I don't pick up the last five minutes of that horrible program anymore, especially since I've been very disturbed the last couple of weeks to see guest spots with Bob Dylan, Joe Henry, Lyle Lovett, and k.d. lang and if someone could fill me in on whatever peculiar plot contrivance could land those people on the show, I'd be very grateful.

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