Sports Night
April Is The Cruelest Month

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April Is The Cruelest Month

After they leave, Dana asks Isaac if there's any chance they're just talking about the Olympics, and Isaac says no. "They're talking about production?" Yep. "Promotion?" Yep. "So they're talking about losing people," says Dana. "They're not talking about it," bomb-drops Isaac (meaning they're doing it). He then asks Dana to keep it to herself, meaning Dana is going to need a whole box of Band-Aids for her skin condition, unless that plotline goes the way of her church-going. As she leaves, Isaac asks if she wants a drink. Dana points out that it's noon. Isaac simply says, "OzTech," prompting Dana to waltz back into the office and join Isaac in a tipple. I remember when a paper I was working for got sold to another publishing group, and we were only told ON THE DAY OF THE SALE, and we met our new owners, who assured us that things were going to be business as usual for now, and I realize that CSC hasn't been taken over, but the uncertainty of the future of one's workplace can drive anyone to drink. That afternoon, I went home after stopping at the video store, figuring I'd rent a journalism-related movie to cheer me up, and instead I headed to the Surviving Harrowing Adversity section and came up with Deliverance. And at home, I had a glass of wine from a bottle of stuff my dad made, and he makes quite good homemade wine, and I don't advocate drinking alone, but these were special circumstances, so I had another glass and another glass, and finally the bottle was gone. So I cracked open another bottle and drank that too. And I was hungry so I made myself a BLT, which is surprisingly difficult when you've had two bottles of wine by yourself, and the phone rang and it was someone who had formerly worked at the paper and had heard about the sale and wanted to know what was going on, what I was doing. I said, slurring heavily, "I'm drinking wine and eating a bacon sandwich and watching Deliverance," and there was a long pause until finally Barry said, "Cool!" And it all worked out because the new owners offered me a job, and a couple of other places actually came calling with job offers when they heard about the sale. I guess what I'm saying is that if Isaac and Dana are drinking as a way of working out their problems, I heartily endorse that plan.

Back from commercial, Jeremy walks into an editing room where Danny is working on the "AL East thing," like YAWN, the Yankees will finish first, the Red Sox will finish second and the Blue Jays will ride Delgado's bat into a wild-card spot and catch fire in the postseason, only to lose to the 2000 World Series champs, the Montreal Expos. You heard it here first. ["Something else you'll have heard here first: BWA HA HAAAA! The Expos! Oh, boy, that's a good one. That Daniel, always joking around. Whew! 'The 2000 World Series champs, the Montreal Expos.' I'll have to remember that one when Derek Jeter is mopping the floor with the Montreal bullpen." -- Sars] Anyway, Dan and Jeremy start talking about Passover and Dan asks if Jeremy is doing anything, but Jeremy has two shows to do so of course religion takes a back seat, and I think the spiritually-reborn Dana may want to give Jeremy a talking-to -- that is, if the writers remember she's spiritually reborn. Dan tells Jeremy that he and Will and Elliot are doing something between the shows, except he's making all these deprecating "it's nothing" noises and gestures. Jeremy's excited that they're going to have a seder. Dan says they're just going to break some matzo, say a prayer. He invites Jeremy with the caveat that it's not going to be a big deal. Jeremy wants to make it a big deal. Before I recap the rest of this storyline, I would like to say how nice it is to focus on Judaism instead of the Christianity-centric depictions we normally get around this time and in December, like endless Christmas and Easter specials, although I guess it's possible that the Jewish community might be glad their faith hasn't been commodified and caricatured to the extent that Christianity has, like Jesus' birth and resurrection are somehow transformed into Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and I wish this episode had been a full hour, because the Seder Subplot was really well-done and I wanted to know more about Jewish Passover.

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Sports Night




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