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April Is The Cruelest Month

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April Is The Cruelest Month

Anyway, Jeremy offers to write the pageant, saying, "There are sections of the Haggadah that could use a little polish." Dan can't believe he's going to do a rewrite of the Haggadah, which Jeremy says isn't written in stone. Some of it is! says Dan. Ba-dum-bump. Jeremy wants to know who's coming so he can assign parts to the players, and Dan says the two of them plus Elliot and Will represent the entire Jewish community around the studio. Yeah, of the top two levels of the Sports Night hierarchy. Something tells me the Lesser Tertiary Characters weren't asked. Jeremy suggests throwing open their doors to the gentiles. Dan says Jeremy can ask whomever he wants, but doubts anyone'll show up since "I'm going to be there," in reference to Dan acting like a jackass on air last week (Casey is especially pissed). Jeremy says Casey will forgive Dan, and the rest of the gang already has. Dan changes the subject and says he'll take care of the food, and Jeremy says he'll organize the production and starts to leave the editing room, then turns and says, "Ask Casey," and Dan tells him to go away. Jeremy repeats his suggestion. "Go away now," says Dan. Getting the message, Jeremy leaves -- and doesn't get to see Dan angrily knock something over in a hissyfit. It might have been a stapler. The deficit is now $120 million and twenty bucks.

In the control room, Natalie barges in and starts ordering people around in that allegedly cute take-charge way she has which is in reality annoying, since people who think their position enables them to talk loudly at people and order them around without even the common courtesy of addressing them by name are very unattractive. I think the Tertiary Characters are really to be commended for apparently never having a grumpy day, since it appears that no one has ever just snapped, "Would you just shut the Christ up?" at her, which is my reaction whenever anyone makes the mistake of assuming I'm at their beck and call simply because they're talking loudly at me instead of speaking pleasantly to me. Jeremy? You got out just in time. Anyway, one of the things Natalie would like (other than a swift kick in the ass) is for someone to feel her forehead. The TCs make various "are you sick?" comments, except for Dave, who is warning everyone not to encourage her, and Natalie tells Will to feel her forehead and Will, God bless him, says he just ate a sticky bun. And he looks very afraid. The upshot is that Natalie has "Olympic fever, baby!" proving again Jeremy's thesis that some people just can't pull off "baby." If this was supposed to be a funny scene, the writers were unwise to pin their comedy hopes on irritating, bossy Natalie, and it is up to the TCs to save the day, which they do in fine fashion. Chris says, "I thought there was something really wrong with her," and Elliot says, "Well, you be the judge." And I cracked up. In this scene, the TCs set the tempo for a fine episode in which they steal all their scenes from the self-involved opening-credits cast.

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Sports Night




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