Sports Night
April Is The Cruelest Month

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April Is The Cruelest Month

Casey leaves. He and Dan pass in the hall. Dan tells Casey he's done most of the AL East. The two of them appear awkward with each other, but not at all antagonistic, which did my heart good. Casey turns to go, and Dan tells him about the seder and invites him. Casey says he doesn't think so, since he has stuff to do. Dan, obviously disappointed but doing his best to pretend it doesn't matter, says, "Just asking," and walks away, his stiff upper lip quivering. Commercials.

Back from commercials, Dan is mocking a manager's inarticulateness, and it would have been funnier had Casey's outro not been the spectacularly non-impressive: "I'm Casey. He's Dan." In the control room, Natalie says she's feeling a little woozy, like here we go again with the damn Olympic fever, except poor naive Chris falls for it despite Dave pleading with him, "Why do you --" but it's too late and Natalie blah blah blahs some more about the Olympics, and of course the only reason Natalie would be acting this silly this early for the Olympics (which are in September) would be to make the Olympic cutbacks seem all the more dramatic. IT DIDN'T WORK. Dana pulls her out into Bad News Hall. Dana, acting all nervous, says she's been meaning to ask Natalie if she knows Rick Rogers at Prime Sports. Natalie thinks they've met. Dana suggests calling him. "Why?" Natalie wants to know. Dana pretends that she's been meaning to tell Natalie over the past few days that there's a senior producer leaving (at Prime Sports). Natalie doesn't get what Dana is driving at and thinks they want her to recommend someone for the job, and she says Kim is ready to do that job. Then, of course, Natalie interrupts Dana to ask how the budget meeting went that morning, curiously, not apprehensively. Dana says it didn't go well, and Natalie is bummed to find out the network is cutting back on Olympic coverage, since it's been all she's talked about for the past fifteen minutes. "What about people?" asks Natalie. Dana says she thinks they're going to lose some people. Natalie says not to worry about it, since Kim and Elliot are very employable, even though Dana has not said anything about Kim and Elliot losing their jobs. Dana's sadness and inability to explicitly state she's worried Natalie might lose her job is touching and real. Natalie's inability to grasp what Dana is getting at I found implausible and irritating, because this is what the scene boils down to: Dana: "NATALIE, I've pulled YOU and YOU ALONE outside to warn YOU of impending layoffs and to suggest YOU call another network because there's a job opening up there in YOUR field of expertise." Natalie: "Kim and Elliot might lose their jobs? I'm sure they'll get hired elsewhere."

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Sports Night




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