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Bells And A Siren

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Bells And A Siren

In Isaac's office, Isaac is chewing out Dana for blabbing about potential layoffs and rehashes that scene from last week when he told Dana to keep it to herself, so maybe Isaac has finally taken to reading my recaps. Except he says he told her Natalie's job might be in jeopardy, which would be a little revisionist history on Isaac's part, since no actual names were discussed. Since Dana is being barked at by Isaac, she decides to change the subject and asks him if he's growing a beard. He offers a bunch of excuses for his stubble, kind of grumpily, and we find out he couldn't use his electric razor because his wife baby-proofed the house in anticipation of their grandson Matthew's visit. Isaac says the last time he saw Matthew was almost nine months ago, before the stroke. Then he bitches that the kid can't walk so there's no need to lock the medicine cabinet. "Can he crawl?" asks Dana. "Not up walls," says Isaac. Natalie comes in to tell Dana an obligatory sports reference, and for once Dana leaves Isaac's office on her own without having to be kicked out by Isaac. She tries to cheer him up by reminding him that Matthew's here. "Get out," he says testily. Guess I spoke too soon. Dana and Natalie leave, Dana closes the door behind her.

In the hallway, walking while talking, Dana tells Natalie that Isaac is meeting with some budget guys at four, indicating just how closely she paid attention while Isaac was lambasting her for not keeping things to herself. Natalie says she's glad that Dana's talking to her again, and Dana smiles and puts her arm around Natalie. This was the least that these two have collectively irritated me all year. Then Dana says she's going to tell Natalie why her SNL interview isn't going to go well, which takes Natalie by surprise. "You're not funny," says Dana, yet mysteriously doesn't explain what funny has to do with Saturday Night Live. "I don't have to be funny," says Natalie, but doesn't cite any precedent such as Jim Breuer or anyone. Dana thinks it's possible Natalie might have to do some writing if there was a "writers' emergency" or something, a crisis which could very well describe the situation there for a long long time already. Natalie doesn't think that will happen (proving she hasn't even bothered to watch the show lately), but Dana says they'll expect her to be funny in the control room and at the post-show party, as if production crew get invited to hobnob with the likes of Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch. Now Natalie protests that she is funny, but Dana disagrees. Natalie FINALLY figures out that Dana is just trying to undermine her confidence and calls her on it -- Dana admits as such and tells her she's "queen of the mind game, baby" like there's that word "baby" again. I think I'm going to start a Sports Night drinking game, and the first rule is, "Drink whenever anyone says 'baby.'" The second rule is, "Drink whenever Casey is wrapped up in his own ego," and I predict that if this drinking game catches on, hospital emergency rooms across North America will see a weekly spike in cases of alcohol poisoning moments after Dharma & Greg ends. "You're short and no one likes you very much," deadpans Dana, cracking me up. Natalie walks away, and Dana says something else and punctuates it with "baby." Drink! Her work done, Dana walks into Casey's office, so I affix the SpeedPour (tm) spout to the top of a bottle of Jim Beam and get ready.

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