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Bells And A Siren

THIS is the season finale? A cliff-hanger for a show that doesn't even know if it's going to broadcast any more episodes? I hate to say it, but I almost wish last week's episode had been the season finale. Anyway, I hope ABC DOES cancel the show, and then maybe it might be picked up by a network that might bother to appear to give a crap about one of the finest shows on television instead of replacing it with stupid Talk to Me. I hate to judge a show by its commercials, but it's my unbiased prediction that Talk to Me is going to suck major ass. And I'd like to point out I saw more commercials for Talk to Me in the past two weeks on ABC than I ever saw for Sports Night. Anyway, I guess the final decision has yet to be made on whether ABC is going to continue with the series, but if any fans are interested in adding their letters to the pile in the Save Sports Night campaign, the addresses are listed in the forum section of Mighty Big TV. Thanks for reading, thanks for writing, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that we'll see more episodes eventually.

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