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Commercials. There's an ad for NYPD Blue that mentions Sipowicz going on a date. Please, God, let there be no partial nudity tonight.

Game on! The group is playing Celebrities. Pretty much everyone is getting correct answers but Casey. For example: Dan says "This guy was one of the Monkees." "Davy Jones?" asks not-so-l'il Kim. Nope! "Veronica!" says Casey and everybody on his team makes "what the hell?" faces at him. Casey says she played the tambourine. Dan starts bitching Casey out and time runs out before Dan's team can get any more points. Dan majorly harshes on Dan for guessing Veronica: "You thought maybe there was some sort of crossover between the Archies and the Monkees?" and Casey snaps back at Dan about being under pressure. Dan's team only got four points that round and are down by twenty-two. Dan and Casey call time-out to regroup and get more beer. Celebrities does kind of look like fun. Of course, Kim is playing.

Speaking of Celebr-titties, we go back to the bar where Jeremy and Jenny are getting more tipsy. Jenny is attempting to imitate the intro to Sports Night. Jeremy complains that she didn't "acknowledge the comma" after "good evening" and she says, "You want me to doff my cap?" and Jeremy says it wouldn't kill her and Jenny says, "I don't have a cap," and Jeremy says, "Then you'll have to doff something else" like GO JEREMY. Then Jenny asks, "What did you have in mind?" and Jeremy freezes up, and Jenny senses his hesitation and says "uh-oh" for taking it to the next level. Jeremy explains that he's not very good at these things and that girls pretty much have to smack him in the head and give him a sign and I have to say I do identify with Jeremy here, since if I were in his place, even if Jenny came home with me, ripped all her clothes off and tucked her legs behind her neck, I'd still be thinking to myself, "This girl is pretty cute, maybe if I play my cards right, she'll give me her phone number." Jeremy does point out that there are some areas in which he's an expert, like sports, so Jenny wants to know how many home runs Ken Griffey hit in '97, and Jeremy annoyingly points out that Ken Griffey didn't hit any but that his son Ken Griffey Jr. hit fifty-six. Jenny disagrees and says he hit fifty-four. They argue (not seriously, flirtatiously). Jeremy says he's got some kind of sports book across the street. Jenny says she isn't going anywhere. Jeremy gets up. Don't go, Jeremy! There is a beautiful woman who finds your dorkiness charming sitting across from you and who suggested doffing something. Do not leave. Repeat after me: "I produce Sports Night. You are right, Jenny, Ken Griffey hit fifty-four home runs in 1997." But most important, stay there! No! Don't go! Don't -- damn. Jeremy leaves.

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Sports Night




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