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Back in the office, Dan and Casey are spending their time-out listening to Isaac moan about how he can't come up with the song "What the Dilly-yo in Glocca Morra" or whatever that was called. Then he shifts gears and reveals that he forgot his grandson's name this morning, just for a moment: "But it seemed longer than that." Dan says his dad used to yell upstairs at the kids and went through a Rolodex of names, which my Dad always did too, and of course, smug little brats that my brother and sister and I were, if Dad didn't call the right name, we wouldn't come down, until my Dad would roar, "Whatever the hell your name is, GET DOWN HERE." Isaac leaves and is barely, if at all, out of earshot when Dan comments that "it's when he gets tired." Then Casey is about to break the news to Dan about the list when Jeremy comes in to get the sports book. Casey invites him to stay and play but Jeremy thinks it would be better for Natalie if he didn't. Casey won't let him leave with the book, like, learn to trust your friends, Casey. Dan calls him on that and says, "Do you know how anal you are about your books?" but Casey isn't having it and counters with, "I know that Natalie's got your manhood stuffed inside a Prada bag," and I tried to count the number of times the word "manhood" was used on this episode but the batteries in my calculator burned out. Jeremy says he'll make a copy. Dan and Casey go back to the game after Casey makes sure Dan knows they need to talk later.

Back in the game, Casey leads the round and Isaac correctly identifies Boutros Boutros-Ghali, then says, "Bet your ass," which cracked me up. I bet Isaac is the coolest grandfather ever. Jeremy's makin' copies. Casey takes another scrap out of the helmet and says, "This is a porn star, this is a female porn star," and Jeremy gets this look of realization on his face. Casey pretends that he can't think of any of the films this woman is in, and the gang can't come up with any guesses. So, the Sports Night crew can identify attorney generals and secretary-generals of the UN and military figures and Israeli violinists, but can't come up with one female porn star? This would make them the exact opposites of pretty much every sports journalist I have ever known. God bless Kim, who suggests Casey act out the films for them. Kim, you haven't lived until you've had it Moose Jaw Style. Casey refuses to act them out and says, "I can tell you she was in The Best of Nina Hartley" and is immediately whistled for a foul by Natalie for saying Nina's name. The team ends the round with one measly point. Am I the only one who finds it odd that such a big deal was made about Dave's prowess at Celebrities when he hasn't even had any lines this episode? Jeremy hands the book to Dan as he leaves. Dan asks, "You sure?" and Jeremy says "yeah" and splits and Dan thoughtfully watches him go.

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