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Cliff Gardner

As Sam walks back across the on-air set, we see him walk across the many television screens in the control room, where, of course, Isaac is watching. Isaac affectionately calls Sam a lunatic and says he should have said that in front of the staff. "That's not what I do," says Sam. "I shovel well." All right, he didn't say anything about shovelling. He leaves.

Back in the meeting room, Dana sends Elliot to look for The Suits just as Sam walks in. "Where's J.J.?" asks Dana. Sam says, "They're gone. I don't have to like you, you don't have to like me. I have two priorities: The first is getting from the beginning of the day to the end of the day without having a drink." Ladies and gentlemen, Lenny Briscoe, ratings consultant. The second priority, I'm assuming, is to crack wise about his ex-wives. "The second is raising this show's ratings to the point where it's no longer in danger of what almost happened here today." Everyone considers this. Sam continues, "Trust me. I won't make fools out of you," and leaves the room. Everybody turns to look at Dana as the camera pans around the room and settles on her. She has a slightly dazed look as she says, "Whoa. Let's go do the show."

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Sports Night




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