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The scene is a downtown sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday, where I'm enjoying steak and beer and a highly entertaining football game when all of a sudden I see a commercial which looks like a guest spot of Regis Philbin on Sports Night. Immediately I begin choking and require the Heimlich. I mean, it wasn't as scary as Edward James Olmos' giant head on the big screen during halftime, but it was pretty frightening and I was jumpy while watching the show the following Tuesday. Not only was there not a Regis Philbin cameo, there wasn't even a Super Bowl reference, but I'll let that go since Sports Night was timeslot-less for so long the writers probably had no idea when a Super Bowl-themed episode would air.

This episode starts out with Dan telling Casey to look into his eyes. Casey won't. Dan explains that to look into his eyes is to see sheer desperation, which I suppose the many women in Dan's life can corroborate. Walking and Talking -- Casey tells Dan he won't switch with him because he has plans. Dan says "winding down" is not plans. Casey says he was thinking about going to a movie. Dan complains that he's going to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a movie. Guess so! Not that we know yet what this "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity is. The suspense is killing me. And by "killing me," I mean "annoying the hell out of me." Casey doesn't see what the big deal is about seeing a singer. We learn that Dan wants to see Tom Waits tomorrow night. Dan's coolness quotient has just been multiplied several times in my mind. Anyway, Tom is playing at a club tomorrow night, which is Casey's night off. Dan promises Casey his first-born son, which would be really enticing for Casey, who hardly ever sees his own first-born son. At the desk, it's Tertiary Character Elliot's turn to have some lines this week, as he gives Casey the update on "Webber," which is "just a sprain." Go T.C. Elliot! Casey tells Dan he needs new clothes and that Dan has to arrange for Natalie to go clothes shopping with him. Seems Casey's seeing this new girl (and I'd like to know what happened to Pixley) who thinks Casey dresses like her father, which doesn't surprise Dan. Or me, for that matter. Casey busts on Dan for mocking him while asking for a favour. Anyway, apparently Natalie has good taste in clothes so Casey needs her help, because last time they went shopping together, he found a "cool scarf." Does a scarf even count as clothes? Dan says he'll make it happen. It's not exactly Mission: Impossible.

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