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Geez Louise

Natalie skips in to ask if Isaac has ever heard of someone named Archibald Russell. Apparently this Russell was carjacked and beaten up pretty badly. Kelly Kirkpatrick saw the police report and thought the name was familiar and thought Isaac might know, but the name doesn't ring a bell. Natalie reminds them that rundown is in five minutes and flounces off. This is Isaac's cue to get up and pour himself a drink. It's not even noon yet!

Pan over the noon rundown meeting as Jeremy's Voice explains the rundown schedule, and we learn that these particular flashbacks are from a few weeks ago. Interesting that Jeremy is telling this story to Louise since he isn't even at the meeting. Natalie tells Isaac that she "got the 411" on Archibald Russell, like please don't ever say "I got the 411" again, please, Natalie. She says he used to play for the Kansas City Monarchs (in the long-defunct Negro Leagues). Isaac remembers; he knew the guy as A.K. Russell. "Sweetest man in the world. Terrific ballplayer. Nobody noticed him because he played on the same team as [Josh] Gibson and Jackie [Robinson]." Isaac seems a little shaken as Jeremy comes in. Isaac asks Dana to do the story near the front, and she gives it to Jeremy, who says he doesn't know if they can fit it up front. Dana tries to tell him that they can, and Jeremy keeps questioning it: "Is there really room for a story with, at best, local interest in Kansas City, maybe?" Dana just ignores the career-threatening stupidity of a guy questioning his assignment from his boss, handed down by her boss. She tells Isaac they'll put it up front before the first break. "Thank you," he says, and the meeting's over. Camera lingers over Jeremy's stricken face for half an hour as his voice-over talks about how terrible he feels, in a shot that's obviously an homage to Fred Savage on The Wonder Years. Then he says that, as terrible as he felt, it was nothing compared to what he would feel that night.

On the show that night, a sombre Casey delivers the story about Russell, noting that he's in critical condition at Mercy Hospital and the thoughts and prayers of everyone at Sports Night are with him. They go to commercial. Isaac thanks Dana. Jeremy's voice-over comes in: "And then Kim's torso came in with the note." Cut to a shot of Kim's torso delivering a note to Isaac, who passes it to Jeremy (totally ignoring Elliot), who passes it to Dana. She gives it to Chris and says they'll need a graphic. Dana informs Dan and Casey of the news that Russell was just pronounced dead. They both sigh. Dana asks to see the graphic. It's the exact same graphic as before with the picture of Russell and his name, only now it has "1917-1998" written underneath. I guess that's why they pay Chris the big bucks. The melancholy plucky blues guitar lurks in, and we go to commercial.

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