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Geez Louise

He runs into Isaac and whines that "Gordon is a more formidable foe than I suspected." Isaac doesn't care, though, and repeats his complaint that his daughter is dating a Republican. Isaac really got screwed in the plot department in this particular episode.

Casey joins Dan at the desk, where he is "looking for [his] talent." Still no luck with the writer's block. Casey tells him he needs to relax and sip his coffee. Yes, coffee, full of caffeine, nature's tranquilizer. As Dan takes a drink, Natalie comes up behind him and honks an air horn at him, causing him to, yes, spit his coffee all over the place. It's more of her stupid shock therapy. "Natalie, I don't have the hiccups," he says. She nods attentively, then grabs his glass water and splashes him in the face again. All right, that was funny. Casey busts a gut laughing. Someone on the Sports Night boards suggested this might have been improvised, and it does have that feel; Casey is laughing and looking off camera at someone, it looks like. It looks like a blooper outtake. Hell, it made ME laugh.

That night's show. The boys mention the Montreal Canadiens and even use the nickname "Les Habitants," but I'm still pissed at the catcher's-mitt thing so it's too little, too late, I'm afraid. During a commercial break, Dana is rude to Will and Chris. At the desk, Natalie warms the boys about a typo in the TelePrompTer; it's supposed to say "bulging disc," but the "s" is missing. And in case anyone misses how hilarious that would be, Casey reads the script and...d'oh! He almost said "bulging dick"! Now I get it!

This really just sets up Jeremy telling Louise about Natalie. He alludes to making her dinner and falling asleep, and says things have seemed kind of awkward between the two of them since then. Let's see, Jeremy snores while Natalie guzzles wine -- yep, it's a mystery to me why Natalie has gone off Jeremy a little bit. Anyway, his letter moves into the present day as Jeremy talks about hearing music, and WE HEAR MUSIC, and the rest of the gang stumbles in completely bombed. It has been an hour, people. Either the Sports Night crew are really amazing drinkers, or they're really terrible drinkers. Dana slurringly yells for the music to be cranked up louder, and of course it is "Boogie Shoes," and Dana tosses her jacket aside and starts shimmying with Jeremy, who wonders what's going on, like maybe he has never seen a drunk person before. Apparently, drunken Dana got them thrown out of the bar. Casey is blabbing about something to do with Barney Fife for some reason that I didn't catch, and the show's almost over so it's much too late for me to rewind to catch some muffled dialogue. Dan is doing that pointing sprinkler dance thing with some girl we've never seen before. Dave comes in with another girl we've never seen before. Dana rather unfairly puts her arms around Casey's neck, gives him a come-hither look, and starts dancing. Dan's girl is getting very friendly with him. And by "very friendly," I mean rubbing her ass around the general vicinity of his crotch.

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