Sports Night
Dear Louise

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Geez Louise

Natalie pulls Jeremy aside. I thank God she's not drunk. She says she's going to do something and she doesn't want to startle him. Then she leans forward and kisses him. Aw. And she brought him stamps. Aw!

Jeremy signs off by telling Louise that Dan got over his writer's block. Turns out this girl (whose ass has moved from Dan's crotch to the photocopier) is a professional beach volleyball player who is a fan of Dan's. She's really impressed with his writing and asks, "What goes through your head?" as he drunkenly and blatantly leers down her dress. "And in that moment, Dan was reminded once again of why he wanted to write in the first place. It's for the same reason anybody does impress women." Well, that really gets you right about there, doesn't it?

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Sports Night




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