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Draft Day: Part I – It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

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Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

This episode starts off in a bar, and sitting at the bar writing things down are Casey and Danny, and next to Dan is a blonde woman drinking, and we've never seen her before, but she figures in this scene later so I guess that's why she's being included in the shot right now. Sitting at a table against the far wall are Natalie and Dana, who are discussing the giant bandage on Dana's chin, because Dana looks like an extra from M*A*S*H. Dana and Natalie talk about whether the bandage is noticeable, which it most certainly is, and this dialogue is annoying because the bandage turns out to be not at all important and probably is only there because Felicity Huffman banged up her chin so badly it couldn't be just make-upped away, and we're forced to listen to Witty Banter about it. After they finish with the WB, Dana goes back to her notes and asks Natalie where she should put "Tommy Castro," and we learn that they are making predictions for the NFL's draft day which is tomorrow. They discuss where Castro might go. Then Natalie says, "Castro is an attractive man," and Dana sounds annoyed for some reason when she says, "Natalie," and Natalie says, "I'm just sayin'!" and the number of times the phrase "I'm just sayin'!" was used on tonight's episode incredibly surpasses the number of times Dan said "manhood" two weeks ago. Anyway, Natalie says she finds Castro's "taut and muscular body and piercing green eyes to be attractive and I'd like to have sex with him." Dana, unnerved by Natalie's display of horniness, tells her she needs to calm down. Natalie considers calling Castro to tell him this. We find out the gang has been at the bar for almost two hours. Natalie says "I'm just sayin'" again. She wants to know "where are the men?" and says it loud enough to cause Jack the Bartender to look over, and because Jack is a television bartender, he is of course polishing glasses, and Natalie quiets down a bit, but she still wants to know where the boys are, prompting Dana to make a joke about them all off fighting in the war. Natalie wants to know, "Whatever happened to hitting on women in bars?" like what the hell are you even talking about Natalie, I think that's still pretty common practice. Then she says, "it's 2 a.m., I'm obviously drunk and I'm sitting here!" and she yells this last bit and I'd be really interested to know how much Natalie would like the men who would hit on a woman based on her drunkenness and the fact that she is "sitting here." Jack the Bartender gives her a stern "Natalie," and Dana flashes back to Grade 7 and says, "See, you got us in trouble," and Natalie says, "Jack's cute," and hitting on the bartender is of course the fall-back plan for women running out of options before closing time. Jack kind of looks like the Colombian hitman from Scarface who Pacino shoots because he doesn't want to set off a car bomb meant for a politician but which would have also killed his wife and kids. Dana is getting seriously annoyed because the gang has a three-hour broadcast and have to finish the prep. Really, though, they're not so much doing prep as coming up with their own draft day predictions since Casey and Dana have a bet on whose predictions will be more accurate.

Up at the bar, Dan and Casey are doing work. Or, rather, Casey is, but Dan, much like Natalie, isn't at all interested in being drawn into Casey and Dana’s battle of wills and is playing with a napkin and tells Casey to look at it again, but Casey says he's looked at it enough. Dan asks if he should read it out loud but Casey ignores him. Dan says it's from "professional golf's very own David Duval." I think the napkin says, "I think you're cute and I've had fun talking to you and I'd like you to ask me out. Sincerely, David Duval." Aw! Kidding. Casey: Blah blah blah about Castro and he doesn't think San Diego's going after Castro because of a potential knee problem. Dan says "David Duval" again, and he appears a little drunk. Casey calls back to Natalie that he wants to know more about Castro's knees, and Natalie says, "You and me both, sailor man," which makes Casey say, "What's with her?" to Jack the Colombian Hitman, who says, "She's fine," because he's figured out he's going to score with her later. Then Casey starts holding forth about the art of draft day predictions and the art of winning money from Dana, and Dan finds it as uninteresting as I do because he taps the woman next to him on the shoulder and asks her to read the note. She says "sure" with this "I'd better just do what he says" look on her face and starts reading, "‘To Dan Rydell,’" and Dan says, "That's me," and the woman smiles and says, "I'm Karen," and Dan actually says, "I don't care, I need you to keep reading." Karen now looks like she's thinking, "I thought my co-worker Jenny said this was a great place to meet nice guys," but she goes on reading the note anyway: "4 p.m. at Alpine Saturday, see you in the sand trap." Dan wants her to read who it's from, and she says "David Dynell," and Dan corrects her, but she says it looks like a "y," not a "u," and unlike the Parallelogram Pick-up scene, there is not chemistry between these two. Dan says it's from "the David Duval" and Karen says, "The guy from The Godfather?" At the same time, Dan and I say, "That's Robert Duvall." Jinx! Karen doesn't know who David Duval is, which totally shoots down any possibility of Dan impressing her by playing golf with Duval, and Danny grabs his precious napkin back.

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