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Draft Day: Part I – It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

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Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

Back in the editing room. Dan sitting on the couch. Casey walks in and says, "Hey." Dan says with mock incredulity, "They really need the whole damn fifteen minutes, huh?" But Casey's in no mood: "Well, Dan, I think they want to be sure about their decisions before they put $10 million and the future of a football team in a guy's hands." Dan asks, "What's your problem?" Casey says, "Where'd you go, man?" like you know things are serious when guys start calling each other "man" like this. Casey doesn't mean just now, but that Dan hasn't come in to work in a week, and now I'm a little confused about Dan's complaint about working thirteen days straight, but whatever. Casey blathers on angrily about how everybody would probably like to be somewhere else but they're all here. Dan tells him he's getting tired of the senior camp-counsellor routine. "I come to work, I do my job, I do it well," says Dan. "Maybe not well enough to be 92nd," and Casey cuts him off with, "Oh, come on, Danny." Dan gets up and tells Casey to leave him alone and he starts walking back to the set. "You know what?" If you're not here, I can't use you," says Casey, which naturally gives Dan pause and he asks when he became Ed McMahon to Casey’s Johnny. "You're not, and you know it," says Casey. Ed McMahon, watching at home, sniffles and reaches for the tissues. Casey makes things worse by saying, "But I need to be able to do my show," and walks out the door. Dan follows, wanting to know when it became Casey's show. Casey says, "Come on, we're on the air," and fine work by these two actors, especially Josh Charles, as the hateful look Dan gives Casey gave me the chills. Casey says, "Did you have to make fun of Dana's t-shirts?" which was a fair comment, I think. Dan says they'll talk about it later as they arrive back at the desk. Casey asks Jeremy how it went with Natalie, and Jeremy explains that he's still a shadowy man on a shadowy planet or something. As the boys settle in their seats, Dana, unaware of the storm clouds in the studio, transfers a live feed from Indian Wells. Let me guess, sunshine? Nope! Rain at Indian Wells. Trouble in River City. No snow in Saskatchewan, though. ["For the record, immediately after we watched this ep, my brother and I hit the hotel bar to drink Coronas and watch ESPN, and it did not rain in Indian Wells last Tuesday." -- Sars] Jeremy says, "Oh, God." Casey glances at Dan, who looks very unhappy. We're out.

Next week, part two. Jenny shows up and meets Natalie. Dan gets even angrier at Casey.

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