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Draft Day: Part I – It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

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Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

From across the room, Natalie yells, "Danny, please stop hitting on women who aren't me!" which was pretty funny, and Jack the Colombian Hitman gets mad at her again. Dana starts going on about whether or not Casey knows anything about Castro's knees and starts yelling at him about paying the price, which is a crisp $100 bill, and Jack has to get mad at her too, like it was okay for Casey to shout at Natalie, but the two women are of course a couple of drunken harpies. We find out that Dana thinks Abraham Lincoln is on the $100 bill. I'm Canadian, and even I know it's Benjamin Franklin. Natalie wonders if Ben Franklin were in the bar, would he hit on her. Hmmm. I suspect Natalie is looking for a little action, but I'm not sure. If only the writers would allude to it a little, give us some kind of clue. Dana says, "I love draft day. I live for draft day." How sad. Commercials.

Speaking of how sad, that commercial for that new Making the Band show really bothers me. Like one of those pinheads on the commercial, I once thought (and still do) that it would be pretty cool to be a professional musician, but foolishly, I took music lessons instead of dance lessons and I guess the joke's on me, since nowhere in this commercial do I see any signs that there are musical instruments involved, items that I always associated with bands. I guess I must be stuck in the twentieth century or something.

Next day, Dana starts harassing Casey because she wants to go over the rules, which Casey says he already knows. "Yeah," says Dana, "but what's the fun in playing a game if you're not going to go over the rules?" Casey says, rather dryly, "Yeah, that's the 'fun' part," and it cracked me up. Dana lists the rules: "All predictions must be made before the commissioner reaches the podium." And that's it. Casey says, "Can we go over that first one again?" which also cracked me up -- good for Rectangle Head. From the ensuing Witty Banter, it looks like Casey and Dana want each other again. They give each other playful punches. Dana pumps Casey for info about Tommy Castro. Jeremy starts walking past and Dana and Casey both say, "Hey Jeremy," but they don't break eye contact with each other. This is supposed to be them trying to psych each other out, I guess. Yawn. Jeremy wants to know "what's happening now?" i.e. "why are you guys acting like idiots?" Dana says, "Nothing!" and leaves, and she actually hops like a bunny. Jeremy asks Casey what a choreo-animator does, and this contrived bit of dialogue may seem merely trivial and annoying right now, but it's important later on, otherwise I wouldn't bother with it, so pay attention! It seems Jeremy overheard someone call themselves a choreo-animator and Jeremy doesn't know what it is, and I guess Casey would be the person I'd ask too. Jeremy's world is shattered since it turns out Casey doesn't know everything.

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