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Draft Day: Part I – It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

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Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

At the desk, Casey tells Dan that it might not rain and that if it does, Danny can golf with David another time, like that's really helpful, Casey. Dan says "whatever" and Casey, apparently satisfied with himself for friendshipping Dan's problem into oblivion, steers the conversation back to himself. He starts going on about his picks again and reveals to Dan that Dana thinks Casey knows something about Castor's knees which he doesn't and blah blah blah and we all know that Dana's going to remind them that they're miked. She does: "Casey, I'm listening to you, you know." Long pause from Casey, then, "I know." We get a shot of Dana and her bandage making a goofy face for about five minutes. Then Casey covers up his microphone and whispers to Dan that this is still part of the psych-out. Dan is so enthralled with this Battle of Dimwits that he says he's going to lie down in the editing room. Casey says they could be back any second, but Dan says that teams always take the full fifteen minutes and pouts off. Dana walks up and tells Dan she needs him close, and he calls back over his shoulder that he's going to the damn editing room. Casey gives her a "what are you going to do?" gesture with his thumbs.

Jeremy's in the editing room talking to Jenny, and Dan walks in and says, "This is making me crazy," like I think that ship has sailed already. Jeremy says something on the phone about three o'clock and that he's "totally fine about it." He hangs up and tells Dan that he's walking "the shadowy line between honesty and not [sic]." He explains to Dan that he doesn't want Jenny to think he's ashamed of her (because he isn't), so he's invited her to meet the gang, but he's invited her at a time when he knows Natalie won't be there. That doesn't sound to bad to me; given Natalie's feelings, I think it's kind of considerate. Jeremy also says he'll tell people what she does if they ask, since he feels it would be insulting to come up with a cover story. Jeremy figures if Jenny comes by after the first round is done, Natalie will be gone already and it won't be a problem. Dan tells him about the Indian Wells situation. I find it very hard to believe that Jeremy didn't know about that particular possibility, since a) Dana is so excited about it and b) he is one of the producers, after all. Jeremy goes into crisis mode since second-round coverage would take them to about seven o’clock and he told Jenny to come by at three. "It must not rain at Indian Wells!" says Jeremy. Dan tells him to get in line. Jeremy says, "Though, interestingly, it was a rainstorm that ended our first fight." I agree that that's interesting, if you define "interesting" as "shut up, Jeremy." Then Jeremy goes back to being panicked and leaves the editing room, saying again, "It must not rain at Indian Wells."

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