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Fade up on the guys wrapping up the show, and tonight's wrap-up features the three elements of this show that annoy me the most: wry understatement (Casey refers to Tiger Woods as someone "some of you may have heard of"), random sprinkling of foreign language (Casey referring to the NCAA's basketball tournament's third round as "le ronde de seize," for no discernible reason) and, well, Casey (Casey). Rectangle Head plugs their expanded coverage tomorrow that features him and Dan in the studio from 3 to 11, analysts in the field, and CSC's Bobbi Bernstein. At the mention of Bobbi's name, Dan almost spits up the water he's drinking, but manages to keep it safely in his mouth and off camera, and manages to regain his composure to say goodnight.

When the cameras go off, Dan commences glaring at Casey. "Whoa!" he says. Casey won't even look at him; he just tells him to take it easy. Dan wants to know when this happened. "You're talking about Bobbi Bernstein?" asks Casey faux-blithely. Casey then says Dana must have forgotten to tell him. Dan gets all indignant and says she did indeed forget to tell him. Enter Dana, who says she forgot to tell Dan that Bobbi is filling in for Jack, who's sick. Dan's anxiety prompts Dana to ask what his problem is with Bobbi Bernstein. Dan says he doesn't have one -- he's lying. Dana and Dan agree that Bobbi very good and that she knows college basketball. Then Dana fills in Dan and Casey that Isaac is going to want to show his vacation pictures, so she's getting a welcome-back cake and they're going to have a party in his office tomorrow. Gee, how do we know Isaac's the boss? How many other coworkers would you welcome back with cake and hold a party so you can see all the vacation pictures? At my office, I get greeted with resentful glares and, "So, how was Banff? Good? Must be nice." Anyway, Casey asks what kind of cake Dana's getting. She doesn't know, and wants to know why Casey's asking. "I'm particular about cake," he says, and some of you who haven't seen this episode might think I made that up, but no, he actually says that he's "particular about cake." He's not kidding, either. And now he goes into a little diatribe about how it's his experience that men buy better cakes than women do. He's serious about this, too. Casey, if you plan to be insufferable and sexist and profess to speak for the entire male half of the population, couldn't you come up with something less lame than "men buy better cakes than women"? For many reasons, both sexist and non-, I am quite happy to be a guy, but this alleged superiority in cake-buying is not one of those reasons. Casey says men are better at buying cakes because women buy yogurt-frosted low-fat cakes blah blah blah. Dana pretends to be a little taken aback and says she didn't realize how strongly Casey felt about cake. "But now that I do, I guess the answer is: whatever cake I damn please." Casey says "excellent," like, good comeback there, Casey. Dana double-checks with Dan to make sure that he doesn't have a problem with Bobbi. "No, ma'am," says Dan, and Dana leaves.

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