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Dan strolls up to Casey, who's busy stuffing his face. Dan just stares. Casey shrugs and says, "I'd go for it." You know, maybe you guys should try actually speaking your lines instead of just thinking them at each other. Dan flags down Dana, who is exceedingly pissed at Casey, asking if there's anything he won't make a speech about or pass judgment on. Well, no; I haven't even known Casey as long as Dana has, and I already know that. Dan settles her down so he can explain the whole fucked-up relationship with Bobbi. "I didn't know you two had a relationship," says Dana. "We don't," says Dan. "I'm confused," says Dana. So Dan prepares to lay the whole story in front of Dana, but prefaces it by warning her that most people don't believe him when he tells this story. Dana assures him she'll believe him. Isn't this the exact same thing that happened with Natalie? This isn't so much "Eli's Coming" as it is "Small Town Redux," so I'm thinking later on there'll be a scene Sorkin added, featuring Dan having dinner at a French plantation. Dan explains that Bobbi is convinced the two of them slept together in a hotel room in Spain, but a) he'd never met Bobbi before she started working for the show, b) he's never slept with Bobbi, and c) he's never been to Spain. Dana chuckles. "Thank you for believing me," says Dan. "Danny, you never called her?" Okay, who didn't see that coming? I didn't, but I was in the john. Dana walks away, followed by Dan whining about her not believing him. He says there must be something in the stuff women put in their hair, which certainly doesn't win him any points from Dana, who says that her hair is natural and not enough people know that. Her hair looks really nice today, actually. Dan mentions that Rebecca's coming to watch the show tomorrow. For some reason, Dana finds it necessary to tell Dan that Rebecca colours her hair. Why do women think that's a big deal? More important, why do they think men care about superficial things like that? It's just hair. It's not like we're talking about something important, like breasts. Dan's point is that he's worried about Rebecca being around while Bobbi goes into one of her "arias" about him not calling after sleeping with her, even though he can't seem to remember that Bobbi only brought it up after Dan pushed and prodded and goaded her. Dana says he should have called her, and you wonder if Dan will ever realize that nothing good ever comes of telling a woman about the time you didn't call after having sex, fiction or not. Commercials. Stay tuned, because later I tell a story about not calling a woman after having sex. And also, more about breasts!

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