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Anyway, Bobbi has walked back to the set, where Dan follows her and stammers a whole lot of nonsense until Rebecca hobbles up and says her ankle's fine. Good, that resolves this whole weird ankle subplot that we suddenly have, I...guess. Dan does the introductions. Rebecca asks if he has time for coffee. He bellows for Natalie, who tells him he has four and a half minutes. Bobbi says she's going to look at tape and takes off. Dan says, "Yeah," watching her go thoughtfully. Then he offers Rebecca a sandwich, but she declines, saying she actually doesn't even want coffee. She seems suddenly nervous as they go into an editing room together. "Was that weird for you?" she asks. "Seeing Steve Sisko in your office?" he says. He pretends that it wasn't weird for him. She mentions the Saturday thing, causing him to wonder again what difference the day makes. She also asks if he wants to know what Steve was doing there, and Dan says it's none of his business, and it actually isn't, since they've only been going out for a couple of weeks. After a few "aren't you sweet" kisses, Rebecca reveals that she and Steve aren't actually divorced. "You're married?" says Dan. "Separated," clarifies Rebecca. She tries to kiss him again, but this time Dan isn't having it. It's time for him to flip out. He asks if Rebecca is nuts. In fact, he says, "Are you some kind of nutty nut girl who's nuts?" He spazzes on about how there's a difference between divorced and separated, pointing out that "separated" means you're thinking about getting divorced, but that you're also thinking about not getting divorced. Rebecca asks if he's finished. Dan tries to think of something else to say, but can't. Rebecca gives some blah blah about how she doesn't feel like she was lying as much as she was "withholding the truth," which has always worked wonders for me when I've used that little cop-out. Dan asks what Steve was doing in her office, and Rebecca says he was talking about going for counselling. Dan seems relieved at that and says Steve could use some counselling, because he's an "inveterate womanizer" and blah blah about "Eli's Coming" again, before realizing that that's not the sort of counselling Rebecca's talking about. "He wants to go to couples counselling," says Dan. Rebecca says yes. Danny mulls this over for a moment, then says he has to go back on the air. "Danny..." says Rebecca, but he holds up a finger and says he'll be right back.

In the control room, the TCs are giving various commands as they're about to go back live. Dana says, "What's the rule for when you call the police?" Jeremy says, "In my house it was fifteen minutes after school got out," which isn't the most surprising admission Jeremy could ever make, but it's still pretty funny and earns a faint response from the long-MIA laugh track.

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